The NFA England Carp Team are nearing the selection of the 2008 team which will travel to South Africa for the F.I.P.S.ed organised World Championships following an invitational event held at Drayton Fishery in Daventry last weekend.

The event invited six pairs who have the potential to represent their country and wanted to see how they adapted to the international rules and methods of fishing that would be needed to bring home Gold.

All the pairs did exceptionally well catching a huge total of 527 fish with a combined weight of 5636lbs 03ozs, making the average fish size, 10lbs 11ozs.

The event succeeded in producing one of the highest ever carp enduro weights caught by a group of anglers, especially as only 4 pairs were fishing. The individual pair weights were also the highest ever caught in a UK carp fishing match, proving the calibre of angler was of the highest order.

The 10th World Carp Championships will be one of the toughest events to date with temperatures set to exceed 40 degrees and fishing conditions at levels few anglers will ever experience. The fishing rate will also be at a level unknown to anglers in this country as the number of fish needed to bring back the medals will need to be in excess of 800 fish per pair. With such demands placed on the anglers, England manager, Mitch Smith identified the most important skills that he is looking for alongside excellent fishing skills of ‘fitness, endurance and ability to work under instruction’ being key to success.

The outcome of the event is as Mitch Smith states, “We are now fully prepared to take on the home nation team in what will be an absolutely unknown speed carp fishing match in South Africa, the likes of which have never been witnessed at this level.

I strongly believe that we can take the championships gold medal with the calibre of anglers that this country has, and I would not hesitate to take any one of the pairs who took part in the Drayton Match. However obviously it’s only a three pair squad so only two of pairs can join Peter Holehouse and Ian Huntington on the plane, it’s now the England selectors’ job to choose them.”

Dick Clegg, NFA International Events Director added, “I have watched the team twice and they have proved on both occasions that they are very good at catching fish quickly. From what I saw at Drayton, I believe the team has a hell of a chance of success.”

If you want to find out more about this event or the NFA Carp Team, please contact Mitch Smith, England Manager directly on 07887 880556 who will be able to provide further information.