This year’s European Championships – held on the tidal Bianca Canal, Venice, Italy from 20th-21st May – proved to be difficult for our young Drennan Team England anglers.

The team was unable to practice in the conditions they found on match days and local knowledge proved to be a massive advantage.

England ended the championships in 10th place while host nation Italy won gold by a comfortable margin, followed by Belgium and Hungary in second and third respectively.

Italy’s Prandi Guiliano won the individual gold and the Belgian duo of Thijs Luc and De Cree Bart won individual silver and bronze respectively.

Mark Downes, Drennan Team England Manager, said: “The youngsters in the team gave outstanding performances during the practice week and fully merited their selection. Matt Derry’s day one performance was cruel in the least drawing a bad peg at the wrong end of the section and he, like others in the team, suffered.

“Being so many points behind from day one, the team had to gamble on day two by being positive but it didn’t pay off. Full credit to all the team and management as it was a steep learning curve for all. The younger members of the squad will come back even stronger in future events.”

Drennan Team England consisted of:
Will Raison
Alan Scotthorne
James Dent
Matt Derry
Matt Godfrey
Callum Dicks


England Day One
A Section – Matt Godfrey, 11 points (5.97kg)
B Section – James Dent, 8.5 points (4.275kg)
C Section – William Raison, 5 points (6.699kg)
D Section – Alan Scotthorne, 15 points (4.06kg)
E Section – Matt Derry, 23 points (0.884kg)

England Day Two
A Section – James Dent, 12.5 points (3.69kg)
B Section – Callum Dicks, 15 points (2.05kg)
C Section – Matt Godfrey, 17 points (2.872kg)
D Section – William Raison, 3 points (9.17kg)
E Section – Alan Scotthorne, 6 points (10.986kg)

European match fishing championships results 2017 Venice
European match fishing championships results 2017 Venice