Meet the biggest pike ever landed in England – all 46lb 11oz of it. 

The massive fish was taken at Wykeham Lakes in Yorkshire by Scarborough angler Wyndon Coole and is just two ounces off the long standing British best of 46lb 13oz taken at iconic Llandegfedd Lakes in South Wales by Ray Lewis in 1992. The 58-year-old fooled it on a floatfished trout bait fished in deep water under a sliding float.

Wyndon’s fish has been caught before, but was last seen back in 2011 when it equaled the English pike record. It weighed exactly 46lb then, and some thought it may have died. 
However, here’s the proof that the big female has continued to grow and is now 1.5 inches longer at 47 inches, and 11oz heavier. 

Pike fishing was stopped for a while at the 7.5 acre former gravel pit on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors, which is stocked with over 10,000lb of trout a year. 

But the lease has now been taken on by angler Jake Finnegan, who is running it on an exclusive syndicate basis, and so there is every chance of it beating the British record if caught again this winter.