Shakespeare Championship Qualifier
Sunday August 2nd
Warwickshire Avon – Evesham Town Waters and Hampton Ferry
65 pegs

Barbel and bream winner for Barry     

With the river still up and very coloured odd big fish again made up all the leading weights. Match winner Barry Blakemore landed a 10lb plus barbel and a 4lb plus bream on the feeder with pellets at Peg 5 and these two fish were enough for victory.
Last weeks winner John Curtis was on the verge of packing up at Peg 27 after a fruitless four and a half hours without a bite. A switch from a pellet feeder to a maggot feeder then produced his only bite of the match and he did really well to land the fish, a magnificent 13-9-0 barbel, which took a long time to get out on a size 20 hook and double maggot!
Third was Richard Hall with 7-11-0 of bream and eels on pole fished worms from Peg 1. Fourth was Paul Priday with 6-15-0 of bream and eels from Peg 11 and fifth was Bradley Proctor with 6-1-0 of eels from Peg 31.          

1. Barry Blakemore (Tuffley) 15-7-0 (peg 5)
2. John Curtis (Daiwa Gordon League) 13-9-0 (peg 27)
3. Richard Hall (Alcester Sports) 7-11-0 (peg 1)
4. Paul Priday (Ludlow) 6-15-0 (peg 11)
5. Bradley Proctor (Maver Farnborough) 6-1-0 (peg 31)

Qualifiers: Barry Blakemore, John Price and Brian Jarvis

Next qualifier – Sunday August 9th  – bookings through Diana Raphael on 01386 442458 

Abu Garcia Wychavon Championship Qualifier
Saturday August 1st
Warwickshire Avon – Evesham Town Waters and Hampton Ferry
55 pegs

Bream secure final spot for Gary

The latest Abu Garcia Wychavon Championship qualifier was fished on a river that was coloured and carrying around a foot of extra water and quality bream, which have been conspicuous by their absence in previous weeks, made up most of the leading weights. 
The match winner at favoured Peg 1 was Gary Pook who used a flat float and worms at distances between eight and 11 metres to take two big bream plus a few perch and skimmers for 16-5-0.
Former winner Rob Middleton came close to winning on his first visit of the season to the stretch but his 15-4-0 catch of bream and tench, also caught on pole fished worm, from Peg 62 fell just short.
Third was local angler Trevor Chalk who kept up his good run on the stretch with 13-8-0 of barbel and eels from Peg 5.
Fourth was Leicester visitor Richie Reynolds with 10-10-0 of bream, tench and eels from Peg 42 and fifth was Sam Perkins with 9-2-0 of small fish from Peg 70.           

1. Gary Pook (Daiwa Dorking) 16-5-0 (Peg 1)
2. Rob Middletonl (Shakespeare) 15-4-0 (Peg 62)
3. Trevor Chalk (Evesham) 13-8-0 (Peg 5) 
4. Richie Reynolds (Quorn) 10-10-0 (Peg 42)
5 Sam Perkins (Dynamite Baits) 9-2-0 (Peg 70)

Qualifiers Gary Pook and Richie Reynolds 

Next qualifier – Wednesday August 5th and Saturday August 8th – bookings through Diana Raphael 0n 01386 442458

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