Evesham Angling Festival
Match Fishing Team Championship
70 Fished

Daiwa Dorking have taken the Match Fishing Team Championship trophy after one of the closest finishes in the history of the event. Dorking’s five-man side finished on 59 points from a possible 70, just five clear of second-placed Ultimate Barnsley Blacks and eight points clear of third-placed Shakespeare Superteam. Comprising Simon Willsmore, Michael Buchwalder, Dave Harpin, Ian Didcote and Darren Davies, the southern based team fished a ‘safe’ match relying heavily on the small silver fish that had been so dominant in the results over the previous two days.
Acting skipper, Simon Willsmore said: “We decided to ignore the option of chopped worm and bonus fish like eels and perch, instead concentrating both short and long for roach and other silvers. It proved to be right on the day.”
The individual spoils went to Chris Jenkinson fishing for Maver Bait-Tech, who took 7lb 2oz 8dr from peg seven, pipping Leicester Sensas’ Rob Jones by just 2oz 8dr to win the £600 top prize.
Michael Buchwalder finished third on the day after weighing 6-4-8 of roach from fancied peg 29. Most of his roach were caught long on bloodworm in the early part of the match, but he managed to keep the odd small fish going in the net through the later stages to keep him ahead of the chasing pack.

Individual Results
1 Chris Jenkinson (Maver Bait Tech) 7-2-8 (peg 7)
2 Rob Jones (Leicester Sensas) 7-0-0 (peg 63)
3 Michael Buchwalder (Preston Innovations/Sonubaits) 6-4-8 (peg29)
4 Jon Arthur (Pole Fishing) 6-2-0 (peg 40)
5 Denis White (Maver) 5-15-8 (peg 30)
6 Leigh Gardner (Shaespeare Superteam) 4-15-0 (peg 70)
7 Scott Geens (Garbolino) 4-12-0 (peg 74)
8 Ian Didcote (Garbolino/Bait-Tech) 4-6-0 (peg 75)

Team Result
1 Daiwa Dorking 59 points £3,000
2 Ultimate Barnsley Blacks 54 points £1,500
3 Shakespeare Superteam 51 points £1,000