Evesham Festival Qualifying Match Report.

Evesham Championship Qualifier.

Evesham Town & Ferry Waters

61  Fished.


1 Richie Reynolds (Maver Bait-Tech) 10-14-0 (peg 43)

2 Tom Scholey (Pole Fishing Magazine) 7-15-0 (peg 6)

3 Matt Woods 6-3-0 (peg 85)

4 Ian Sutherland 5-13-0 (peg 68)

5 Anthony Taylor 5-6-0 (peg 18)



Tom Scholey

Rich Reynolds

Matt Woods

Overnight rain meant an attractive tinge of colour stayed in the Warwickshire Avon for the second of the weekend qualifiers. Winner on the day was Maver Bait-Tech ace, Richie Reynolds. Richie drew peg 43 just above the White House Bend, and took two good bream on groundbait feeder tactics in the early part of the day. Later on, he switched to his favoured hempseed approach, and added several quality roach to his tally, to finish with 10-14-0.

Pole Fishing Magazine’s Tom Scholey took second spot from peg six on the Crown Meadow. Tom caught a 4lb chub on worm fished on the short pole, and several chunky hybrids on groundbait and maggot tactics to finish with 7-15-0.

Matt Woods took third spot, and the final qualifying place from peg 85 outside the Cricket Club. Matt also managed a big chub over a bed of chopped worm on the short pole, and added several smaller perch to his net to finish with 6-3-0.    


Evesham Festival Qualifying Match Report

Wychavon Championship Qualifer

Evesham Town & Ferry Waters

78 Fished.


1 Leigh Gardner (Shakespeare Superteam) 20-3-0 (peg 87)

2 Michael Buchwalder (Preston Innovations/ Sonubaits) 15-10-0 (peg 36)

3 Ian Shepherd (Daiwa Gordon League) 15-8-0 (peg 60)

4 Richard Candy 11-14-0 (peg 6)

5 Trevor Chalk 8-9-0 (peg 2)



Richard Candy

Howard Kaye

Brian Pollard


A flush of rainwater brought extra colour and pace to the Warwickshire Avon for the latest of the Wychavon Championship qualifiers. Making the most of his end peg draw, local expert Leigh Gardener banked a succession of good skimmers and hybrids on long pole tactics. Leigh fished maggots over groundbait for an impressive total weight of 15-8-0.

In second place was Preston consultant, and Daiwa Dorking team man Michael Buchwalder. Michael caught alternating between long pole and waggler tactics on in-form Peg 36, using maggots as feed and hookbait.

In third place was Daiwa Gordon League rod and local expert, Ian Shepherd. Drawn on Peg 60, Ian caught two tench on the pole, fishing at close range against the marginal weed, offering a feed of chopped worms with a few casters. Ian topped his weight up with some quality roach and some of Evesham’s famous hybrids on maggots fishing in the main flow, to finish with 15-8-0.