A cold morning met the 38 contenders for the last two qualifying spot for the RiverFest 2018 Final. This meant that weights were down on the river, but this made for an incredulously close affair!

Ian Exley took top honours from peg 283 in B section with 12lb 15oz. Roach and chublets made most of Ian’s weight, which he took on both bolo and pole with maggots on the hook.

Second place overall, but missing out on the final by ounces was Bob Brown with 12-12-0 from peg 268.

The final qualifying place for this year went to third placed Dave Pollitt, with 12-4-0 from peg 213 fishing very similar tactics to Ian, ahead of Paul Kozyra with 11-14-0 from peg 286.

Well that’s a wrap for 2018 qualifiers, a massive thanks to all the organisers and anglers who make these qualifiers the pinnacle of running water matches.

Best of luck to all the 72 competitors over the weekend and anglers are reminded spectating is free of charge, so get behind your local angler!

1. Ian Exley 12lb 15oz
2. Bob Brown 12lb 12oz
3. Dave Pollitt 12lb 4oz
4. Paul Kozyra 11lb 4oz

Ian Exley
Dave Pollitt