Extreme Carp offers you some of the most exciting and entertaining carp fishing on television.

Broadcast across the Sky Sports network, the 6 part tv series on carp fishing features some of the top names in the sport and is presented by inaugural World Carp Fishing Champion and expert carp angler Rob Hughes.
Whether it’s at home or abroad Rob and his special guests will entertain and instruct avid anglers in the ways of catching carp.
Here’s full details of the first three shows.

What’s On?
Hughesy and Ian “Chemo” Russell get sent to The Mill Fishery in Essex, a water neither of the lads have seen before and are set the task of catching a carp or two in 24 hours. Catch ’em anywhere rigs and fish location are the main subject of this show as the weather conditions are not conducive to catching carp, and things don’t always go to plan!

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As organiser of the high profile British Carp Angling Championships, Hughesy does not get a lot of opportunity to compete in carp matches these days  but this show sees him “on the other side of the fence” fishing in the Abbey Challenge, a special match organised for the marshals and staff of the main BCAC event at the incredible Abbey Lakes in France. The pressure is on for the whole field who show that competition carping isn’t just about winning!

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Almost 20 years ago two young anglers came up with the concept of writing features magazine features under the subject of how to approach open access waters. That duo was Simon Crow and Hughesy, and in this episode the former World Champions head down to Chigborough Fishery in Essex, a lake neither of them have fished before and absolutely batter the place showing they have still “got the skills that pay the bills” when it comes to hit and run carping.

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Show Times
You can catch the first screening of the series at the following times.

Times and Channels are subject to change. Please check your sky planner for more details.
Episode 1
Mon 10 January                7.00pm Sky Sports 3 & HD
Mon 10 January                11.30pm               Sky Sports 4
Tues 11 January                5.15am Sky Sports 3 & HD
Tues 11 January                9.00am Sky Sports 2

Episode 2
Mon 17 January                6.00pm Sky Sports 2
Tue 18 January 00.30am               Sky Sports 4
Tue 18 January 6.30am Sky Sports 3
Tue 18 January 1.30pm Sky Sports 3

Episode 3
Mon 24 January                6.30pm Sky Sports 2
Mon 24 January                10.00pm               Sky Sports 2
Tue 25 January 0.30am Sky Sports 4
Tue 25 January 14.30am               Sky Sports 3