• Fantastic start to the new season at Rutland Water
    Sunshine and smiles on Friday 13th as anglers enjoy a rod average of 5.88

  • John’s giant Ravensthorpe Rainbow weighs in at 11lb 8oz
    John Archer takes best Rainbow of the week at Ravensthorpe
  • Anglian Water Airflo International

Don’t miss out on this great 6 man team competition – entries close soon.  There are regional heats throughout the UK and the top teams come forward to fish the prestigious International final at Rutland Water at the end of September.  For more information about the competition and to print an entry form go to



Rutland Water 01780 686441; Grafham Water 01480 810531;

Pitsford, Ravensthorpe & Hollowell 01604 781350,

Taverham Mills Fishery 01603 861014; Alton Water 01473 589105

Recreation Dept Anglian Water 01572 653021


Rutland Water  

Rutland Water opened last Friday.  Anglers were rewarded with good numbers of fish and a rod average of 5.88 on the day.  First back to the Lodge was season ticket holder George Thrall of Melton Mowbray.  George chose to fish along the Normanton bank, arriving at 6a.m.  By 7.30 a.m. he was bagged up, he mentioned that there were quite a few fish moving on top before the wind increased.

Rutland regular Geoff Allsop made his customary journey from Rugeley in Staffordshire to fish the bank, netting a good eight fish for over 20lb.  Geoff said “I had a good day with hard fighting fish that were all clean and bright”.

Si Gaines had a meet with nine other anglers, fishing the Peter Porter Open Day Memorial.  They took to the boats and had a very good day with plenty of fish caught with almost 16 fish per pair weighing in between 30 and 32lb respectively.

Anglers were delighted with the size and quality of stock fish, with many over the 2lb mark.  A number of over wintered fish were caught, some of them long and lean whilst others were up to 4lb and in good early season condition.  Remember that Browns are out of season until 1 April.

The Easterly wind opened up many areas of bank to fish with anglers fishing from Sykes Lane to Whitwell Creek and frontage, whilst other anglers caught on the Dam, Normanton, Church Bay, and down to East Creek despite the wind direction.  The Peninsula had anglers wetting a line from Inman’s Spinney through to the popular early season spots at Yellowstones, down to Old Hall.

Boat anglers caught in the Main Basin, Sailing Club, Hambleton Wood, Old Hall and Church Bay.

Lures caught the majority of fish for boat anglers on various sinking lines, but the vast majority of bank anglers used floating lines coupled with weighted lures with nymph combinations, mainly with small buzzers, and diawl bach.  Fish that were spooned were found to be feeding on small buzzers, shrimp and corixa.

Prospects – there have been steady numbers of buzzers coming off despite the colder weather that came in on Saturday and Sunday.  The reservoir was topped up to full capacity in December and January, so clarity is excellent with gin clear water conditions.

Some winter restrictions are still in force.  Some areas are out of bounds to anglers until 1 April.  The usual boat restrictions apply beyond the sailing limits in both arms.  Bank anglers are also not permitted in this area plus the banks from Barnsdale Creek around the North Arm Bank to the Finches, from Armley Wood to Hinmans Spinney and from Old Hall Bay to the East side of the Sailing Club Bay. If you have any questions please ask a member of staff at the fishing lodge, maps will also be in display.

Forthcoming events

Beginners courses 19 March;2,8,18 & 25 April; 2,9,23 & 30 May and other dates throughout the season.

Independence Day Trophy (best fish) 1 April.
Anglian Water Airflo International Northern heat 26 April

Tuesday Night boat league commences in May
Bob Church Classic
5 May
Dave Hodgson Memorial 10 May

Anglian Water Rudder Match 16 May


Grafham Water

Fish week 200 (season 308) Returns 45 (69) Rod average 4.44 (4.46)
Anglers are enjoying a great start to the new season at Grafham Water with a good rod average of 4.44 and many fish weighing over 3lb.

Season ticket holder Steve Battle from Bedford caught the heaviest bag of the season so far, which included an over wintered Rainbow of 5lb 1oz.  Stephen took this fine specimen at Hill Farm on a slow sink line with a Montana.  His total bag of eight trout, taken from Hill Farm and Pig Bay, weighed 23lb 3oz.  We had two Rainbows weighing 5lb 1oz this week – the other was taken by Carl Yeowell.

Bank anglers have had a great week’s sport with the north shore producing the most consistent catch rates with G Buoy, North Dam, Deep Water Point and Hill Farm all producing good fishing on floating or intermediate lines with Pitsford Pea, Montanas, Damsel Nymphs, Diawl Bachs and Snakes.  The Harbour and Gaynes Cove have also produced some good sport when the wind has permitted.

Boat anglers have had some good fishing with the North shore again producing the best catch rates.  The most successful areas on the north shore have been Hill Farm, Pig Bay, Deep Water and Pylon Points, G Buoy and the Willows.  The most prolific methods for the boat anglers over the past week have been to fish slow or medium sink lines with black and green lures, damsel nymphs, cats whisker boobies, orange blobs and gold and silver tubes.  The Seat and Sludge Bank have also produced some good sport over the past week when the weather has permitted.

Message to all anglers

Brown trout are out of season until 1 April, any caught should be returned to the water alive.  There are fishing restrictions on the western end of the reservoir.  Please be aware of the bio security measures on the reservoir.

Best Rainbow                   Two at 5lb 1oz, taken by Stephen Battle and Carl Yeowell.

Best boat areas                G Buoy, Deep Water Point, Pig Bay, Hill Farm, Pylon Point, Seat, Sludge Bank.

Best bank areas              North Dam, G Buoy, Deep Water Point, Gaynes Cove, Harbour.

Mid Week Boat Winner    Richard Davies of Letchworth.

Best methods                  See report.

Forthcoming events
Beginners courses
22 March; 4,11,16 & 26 April; 3,17,24 & 28 May and other dates throughout the season.

Anglian Water Rudder Match 11 April

Bob Church Open (Frank Cutler Memorial Trophy) 18 April.

AMFC 25 April.

Invicta Floating Line 9 May

Lexus Team Heat 18 May

EYFA Youth National 24 May.

Tuesday Night Boat League commences in May


Ravensthorpe Reservoir

Anglers have enjoyed a fantastic week’s fishing at Ravensthorpe.  Lots of big fish have been caught with most boats reporting twenty plus fish.  John Archer caught a superb Rainbow of 11lb 8oz.

John fished from a boat around the Island using a sinking line with a cormorant to take this fine specimen.  Rick Varley caught a Rainbow for 12lb which he returned safely to the water.  Rick used an intermediate line with a black and green lure.

Father and son duo Simon and Jeff Exton had a great day at Ravensthorpe managing 37 fish to the boat.  The best fish – a 9lb 10oz Rainbow fell to Simon.  He also returned a Rainbow of 6lb plus.  Jeff’s best fish weighed 6lb 9oz.  Teresa and Malcolm Berry had terrific sport last Saturday taking more than 60 fish to their boat.  Teresa landed their biggest fish at 8lb, fishing a midge tip with black and green lures and buzzers.  The pair said it was the best day’s fishing they have ever had.  Samantha Olive fished a Di3 line with a cat’s whisker from a boat and landed a cracking Rainbow of 8lb 14oz.  The bank fishing has also been good with Mike Osgood fishing the Platforms in Catwalk Corner and landing 12 fish on floating lines with buzzers.

Best Rainbow                  11lb 8oz taken by John Archer.

Best boat areas               Island to Coton Car Park.

Best bank areas              Platforms 1-11.

Best methods                  See report.

Mid week boat winner     Simon Exton of Catworth.


Pitsford Water

Fish week 136 Returns 40 Rod average 3.45
A mild start to the week saw good catches from both boat and bank, but the change in wind direction has seen a 6 degree swing in temperature with a stiff  Easterly wind putting the fish deeper.  Overall the rod average has been a healthy 3.45 with many good catches.

Dave Jarvis made the trip up from London on a three day boat package and enjoyed some great sport having limits every day with fish up to 5lb 4oz.

Andy Fitzpatrick fished with novice angler Lee Foskett and they had 11 and 6 in a morning session with Lee returning a fish of around 5lb.

Best bank areas are Gorse, Stilton and Bog Bay, while boats have caught in deeper water 60 yards from the shore along Sailing Club or Brixworth Bay.

It is a bit early yet for any significant buzzer hatches and the fish are feeding heavily on large clouds of dahnia so try orange blobs, boobies and FAB’s on Di3 – 5 lines.

On the second Saturday of each month Pitsford will be open for fly tying tuition, casting coaching and general fishing advice – ask at the lodge for more information.

Best boat areas               Deeper water 60 yards off Sailing Club Bay

                                     shore, Brixworth Bay.


Best bank areas              Gorse, Stilton Point, Bog Bay.

Best methods                  See report.


Mid week boat winner     Mr T Barley of Wellingborough.


Forthcoming events

Beginners courses 21,26 & 29 March; 5,12 & 24 April; 7,10,16 & 29 May and other dates throughout the season.

Anglian Water Rudder Match 23 May.