The Angling Trades Association, ATA, are delighted to announce that visitors are now being welcomed on to their new websites.



These two sites form the ambitious ‘festival of fishing’ that is taking place this summer, and what’s more, you are all invited to take part!!

Sean O’Driscoll, the chairman of the ATA, had this remark to make, ’our aim is to take fishing to the people, the whole summer long. We wish to engage help from all the sectors of athe angling community, the length and breadth of the country, in bringing more people into the sport. Everyone can help. Just visit the websites published above and all will become clear’.

Neil Sellers, the project manager of the National Fishing Festival went onto explain, ‘the past 3 years, with the help of funding from the Environment Agency, we have managed to build National Fishing Week into the biggest event in the UK for outright beginners. Thousands of more people fish today as a result of this campaign.
We now wish to attract even greater numbers of ‘beginners’, from all corners of the country and in all disciplines, i.e. Sea, Coarse, and Game. To do this effectively, we must enlist the help of existing Anglers who want to put something back into their sport. Everyone knows someone who may wish to go fishing, but has never had the chance. Well now is your chance to change that. Knock on your neighbours’ door, take one of your children who you have been promising to take for ages, raise the idea down the pub with one of your non-angling mates, or approach a colleague at work.
If every angler in the UK took someone they knew, then the affect would be dramatic.
Don’t forget those less fortunate than us, in this campaign. Disabled, Disadvantaged, Lonely people, many sectors of society can benefit from a little thought and help. Who knows, I bet they would enjoy it and return for more’.

What’s the cost?

A little time, a little bait, and a day ticket license. 

So what are you waiting for!

Register your event on the NFW Website, or Take your friend fishing, and tell us all about it.

This years website will give you the opportunity to send details of your event or day out with a friend, and publish it on the website, providing it meets the criteria set by the managing committee.

This could be one of your moment of Angling Fame!!!!