Some in the coarse fishing community in England and Wales are still not entirely sure about the legal position surrounding the importation of French carp.

Stuart Katon, the Fish Health Inspectorate’s (FHI) Enforcement and Investigations Officer, said: “Perhaps surprisingly given our recent statement regarding this issue I have again been contacted by respected representatives from the coarse fishing community who are still not entirely clear about the current legal position regarding fish imports.

“To avoid any further confusion I can verify on behalf of the Fish Health Inspectorate that we will not under any circumstances authorise the movement of fish from France into Great Britain.”

Recent media reports about the proposed importation of record-sized carp from a source in France to a fishery in England prompted the FHI – based at the Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science (Cefas) – to issue a news release and related information about carp importation rules. This can be seen at

The FHI have now identified all the individuals involved in the proposed importation, which was the subject of news coverage in the angling press. These people have since been visited and advised by senior Inspectors from the FHI.

Inspectors advised the fishery owner that, at present, it is illegal to import carp from France, irrespective of what any French supplier or potential UK importer may claim.

Stuart Katon can be contacted on 01305 206811, or the FHI can be reached at 01305 206700. All enquiries and any information supplied will be dealt with in strict confidence.