Fish the pattern on a floating line and a 9ft tapered leader; this will ensure good turnover and that the fly is going where you want it. If you use a single, straight-through breaking strain the fly will have a tendency to ping to the left or right, which is not good.
Target individual fish with this pattern – close-quarter stuff is what stalking is all about.
Try letting the fly sit on the bottom, near a fish’s cruising zone, then when the fish comes into sight, give the fly a tweak and the fish will usually pounce.

Hook: B160 size 10
Thread: Hot orange
Tail: Fire orange marabou
Underbody: Medium lead wire
Body: Orange Blaze
Rib: Copper wire
Back: Pearl Lurex
Eyes: Stick on eyes, from Crafteye
Head: A build-up of tying thread

How To Tie the Fly

1. Create a base of medium lead wire, leaving space at the head and the bend.
2. Run on your tying thread, covering the lead underbody.
3. Catch in a bunch of marabou at the rear of the hook shank.
4. Now secure the copper wire, for the rib.
5. Do the same with the pearl Lurex, so that it will sit central on the back of the pattern.
6. Form a dubbing rope with the Blaze and wind up in touching turns to a point behind the eye of the hook.
7. Carefully, bring the pearl Lurex over the back of the pattern and secure with tying thread.
8. Now, wind the copper wire up the body in open turns.
9. Built up the tying thread at the head, whip finish and attach the stick-on eyes. Add a drop of superglue to fix in place.

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