Confused not me says the Scone……….


After all the Sledging over the last few weeks on all the forums the Final Match in the Intersite series was upon us.

Barston Lake owned by Nigel Harrhy was the chosen venue and looked in splendid condition considering all the bad weather we have had in September.


A few had been on the banks practicing, Crusty, Pebisit, and OOOTF who was telling every one a breakfast just how many carp can be caught on the method feeder Scone was having non of this but AndyT was taking notes.


Male bonding at breakfast was the norm with the Scone filling his face with 2 large plates full of nosh. RobB had a massive hangover from a Friday night consumption of 2 bottles of Red wine, which was not helped on the drive down he looked rough.


HillyBilly was looking good if he ever can. Darren arrived late with some excuse or other. Pebisit arrived looking like a true professional “ what we were not sure” but he looked the part.

Talk Angling were all in one corner talking angling and looking mean and ready for action for the first time in 2 years they actually had a plan.

The SkipRats were outside savaging the Golf Club Skips looking for some old designer Golf Clothing.


Anglingforums had won the Intersite Series, TotalFishing were keen to get some trophy but the outsiders Talk Angling and the Skip Rats had other ideas.

With the Jollyboys failing the March and the Cumbrian Mikes at the World Gurning Championships are held at the Egremont Crab Fair in the Lake District and refusing the fish the match AnglingForums were down to 3.


Wheely Crap arrived like the Pope driving along the banks 45 mins after the draw stopping at all the pegs between 1 and 24 to give advice. Wearing all his new gear that Darren Cox had given him what a tart he looked.


During the Match whispers were in the wind Zinky has a lump we best do something?  Can’t be battered by Zinky, OOOTF and Carpcruncher spent the rest of the match playing catch up.


All in all Barston is a fair venue the weather was against us all,the road bank had the wind generally blowing over their heads with the railway bank getting the wind full on. The results reflected the conditions.


Questions to be asked

Did AndyT blow a flyer?

Pebisit what a peg what went wrong

Is Wheely Carp really Crap

How come Geepster never fishes these matches

Can Scone eat 4 breakfasts at the Club Championships?



Individual Intersite Champion 2004

Winner Peg 89 Andy 222 Andy Felton 21lb-12oz


2nd Peg 79 Gareth Malhem19lb-7oz
3rd Peg 86 Pebisit 17lb-14oz
4th Peg 69HillBilly 17lb-8oz
5th Peg 88 Ted Rowe 17lb-5oz


Sections Winners
Section A Peg 8 Brian G 11lb-3oz
Section B Peg 20 BBS Mel1 11lb-15oz
Section C Peg 21 Dorasl 9lb-10oz
Section D Peg 66 Postie Pete 15lb-14oz
Section E Peg 77 Colin Rennision 12lb-0oz
Section F Peg 83 Liquidized 10lb-0oz


Individual Intersite Championship 2004 Final Results

Section A
Peg 1 Stu 7lb-4oz
Peg 2 Rickcir DNW
Peg 3 Scone 11lb-7oz
Peg 3 Bob Dudd 2lb-12oz
Peg 5 Ridgeacre DNW
Peg 6 Mine Me 1lb-12oz
Peg 7 Mill Bob DNW
Peg 8 Brian G 11lb-13oz

Peg 9 M ONeill 4lb-10z
Peg 10 Fred 10lb-3oz

Section B
Peg 11 Mick Parkinson 4lb 10oz
Peg 12 Sapa Chris 1lb-14oz
Peg 13 Andy Toplis 1lb12oz
Peg 14 Steve Devereux 0lb08oz
Peg 15 The Mighty Zinky 3lb-12oz
Peg 16 TommyTurtle 7lb-4oz
Peg 17 CarpCruncher 1lb2ozPeg 18 OOOtf 4lb-12oz
Peg 19 Skip 10lb8oz
Peg 20 BBS Mell 11lb-15oz

Section C
Peg 21 Dorasl 9lb-10oz
Peg 22 Pete Palmer 6lb-4oz
Peg 23 Matt Smith 6lb15oz
Peg 24 Nigel Harry 3lb 10oz
Peg 25 Wheely Crap Angler DNW
Peg 26
Peg 27 Slim Shady 2lb-4oz
Peg 28 Madforit 2lb-4oz
Peg 29 Henry Henson 3lb-0oz
Peg30 The Runner 8lb-2oz


Section D
Peg 61 Matt Minchin 8lb-1oz
Peg 62 DanFish 0lb-4oz
Peg 63 DiaFish 0lb-8oz
Peg 64 Rob Bailey 7lb-3oz
Peg 65 Slab Total Fishing 6lb 2oz
Peg 66 Postie Pete 15lb-14oz
Peg 67 Martin Scott 11lb-7oz
Peg 68
Peg 69 HillBilly 17lb-80z
Peg 70 Danny 5lb 15oz


Section E
Peg 71 Colin Wightman 4lb-8oz
Peg 72 Bashy dnw
Peg 73 Manicmiller 7lb-2oz
Peg 74 Alex Malham 10lb-5oz
Peg 75 Foray 11lb-11oz
Peg 76 James T 6lb-8oz
Peg 77 Colin Rennision 12lb-0oz
Peg 78 Darren Wilson 10lb-9oz
Peg 79 Gareth Malhem19lb-7oz
Peg 80 Paul scat 6lb-5oz


Section F
Peg 81
Peg 82
Peg 83 Liquidized 10lb-0oz
Peg 84 crusty 7lb-4oz
Peg 85 Brummie Dave 6lb-6oz
Peg 86 Pebisit 17lb-14oz
Peg 87 Chin 6lb-4oz
Peg 88 Ted Rowe 17lb-5oz
Peg 89 Andy 222 21lb-12oz
Peg 90 ME 5lb-4oz


Junior Individual Intersite Champion 2004
Winner Peg 61 Matt Minchin 8lb-1oz
2nd Peg 23 Matt Smith 6lb15oz
3rd Peg 87 Chin 6lb-4oz


I would like to thank Nigel and all the Barston Staff for a fine day out and Nigel for the nice trophies.

Thanks to all that have helped out over the series Jollyboy, Slider and last the Red Leader Webbo.

All the forum members of AnglingForums, Total-Fishing, Talk Angling and Maggotdrowning who with out your support this series wold not have taken place.


Now then the serious stuff AnglingForums ready to Rumble for 2005 and a crack Midland Squad is ready for action.


Look for the picture of Talk Angling in the Angling Times this week opps who is that on the back row……………..yes the Great Zinky pulls another fine stunt


Zinky AnglingForums Intersite Team Winners 2003 and 2004