Colemans Cottage – Saturday 17th July 2010 – Match Results & Report
The second qualifier of the Big Fish Tackle Store backed Fish to Win £3K series moved to Essex to the picturesque venue of Colemans Cottage near Witham in Essex which has recently thrown up some massive weights in there weekly open matches, and the venue didn’t disappoint with 20 anglers going over the 100lb mark which was also a tightly contested affair as there was only a difference of 9lb between 2nd and 5th places and just one more fish for those who finished in 3rd, 4th and 5th could have made the difference on who snapped up the 2nd qualifying spot.
Taking top spot was in form angler Robbie Taylor (Preston Innovations Delcac) from Croydon who recently won the FTW Pairs Competition and who was also a finalist last year tipped the scales with 205lb on Peg 39 on Wood Lake who fished the method feeder to the Island.
In Second Place on peg 7 on Parthfield and also qualifying for the final at Lake John in Waltham Abbey was 23 year old Plasterer and Colemans Cottage regular from Clacton who only secured a ticket to the match on Thursday via the reserve list, weighed in with 185lb 12oz, Jake fished no further than his top kit all day on Hemp and Sweetcorn down the edge.
Just missing out on the 2nd qualifying Final spot in 3rd place was Simon Colclough (Browning Wickford) with 178lb 4oz from Peg 25 on Parthfield, in 4th place and just 1lb behind was Danny Grimsey (Maver Image) on peg 18 on Parthfield with 177lb 4oz who both qualify for the Semi Final at Monk Lakes in Maidstone on Saturday 16th October 2010.
The other Semi Finalists who won there sections are Gary Hopper (175lb), Jeff Davis (80lb), last years finalists Pete Upperton – Middy (150lb 5oz) and Rob Bishop – Map (141lb 4oz), plus Adrian Marshall (105lb 8oz) and finally Lee Edwards (124lb 4oz).
Alex Reynolds (Browning Wickford) came close to winning the £91 in the Golden peg as he finished 2nd in Section and 6th overall with 152lb 8oz and Alex only needed another 21lb in the net to scoop the money. The Golden peg now rolls over to the next qualifier which is at Monk Lakes in Maidstone in Kent on the 28th July 2010.
This year everyone who weighs in gets entered into a prize draw to win a prize and Steve Clark won the new Browning 11ft Pellet Waggler courtesy of Ricky Cook from Wickford Angling Centre.
The full weights are as follows:
Colemans Cottage   
17th July 2010   
1 Robbie Taylor 205lb Preston Innovations Delcac Finalist
2 Jake Hopper 185lb 12oz Colemans Finalist
3 Simon Colclough 178lb 4oz Browning Wickford Semi Finalist
4 Danny Grimsey 177lb 4oz Maver Image Semi Finalist
5 Gary Hopper 175lb Colemans Semi Finalist
6 Alex Reynolds 152lb 8oz Browning Wickford On Golden Peg
7 Pete Upperton 150lb 5oz Middy 
8 Rob Bishop 141lb 4oz Map Semi Finalist
9 Graham Dack 140lb 8oz Middy 
10 Lee Edwards 124lb 4oz Bowlers Semi Finalist
11 Damien Curtis 123lb Browning CPS 
12 Cliff Adams 119lb 8oz Billercay AC 
13 Steve Clark 114lb 8oz  
14 Mark Glynn 110lb Meat Bashers 
15 Adrian Marshall 105lb 8oz  Semi Finalist
15 Russ Berryman 105lb 8oz Garbolino – Apollo 
17 Gary Bell 103lb 10oz  
18 Dickie Carr 101lb 5oz Drennan 
19 Dean Lock 100lb 8oz Garbolino – Apollo 
20 Tony Lock 100lb 4oz Garbolino – Apollo 
21 Ross Bibby 99lb 12oz Colemans 
22 Bernie Fraser 93lb  
23 Terry Edwards 92lb 12oz Browning Wickford 
24 Martin Amos 92lb 4oz  
25 Gary Swan 92lb  
26 Ivan Coleman 87lb  
27 Jeff Davis 80lb  Semi Finalist
28 Sean Stephenson 78lb  
29 Pete Steward 75lb 4oz Browning Wickford 
30 Jonnie Bell 75lb  
31 John Coster 73lb Bowlers 
32 Colin Story 72lb  
33 Frank Thomas 70lb 10oz Browning Wickford 
34 R Swan 68lb  
35 Danny Coss 66lb  
36 Jason Collins 62lb Browning Wickford 
37 Jason Nash 60lb 8oz  
38 Barry Upperton 60lb 4oz Meat Bashers 
39 John Hunt 60lb 2oz Brentwood Angling 
40 Geoff Woods 55lb OBT 
41 Tom Webster 53lb 8oz  
42 Steve Coppin 52lb 8oz  
43 Mark Bransgrove 51lb 10oz Lords Leisure 
44 Micky Hood 50lb 8oz Bowlers 
45 Colin Forsdick 50lb    
46 Ben Coss 49lb 4oz  
47 John Bell 44lb Browning CPS / FTW 
48 Mick Cook 39lb  
49 Paul Rounce 38lb  
50 Clive Pritchard 37lb 4oz 
51 Chris Latimer 31lb BarDag 
 Malcolm Bond DNW  
 Billy Mckinley DNW  
 Wayne Candy DNW Browing Wickford 
 David Ward DNW  
 Mark Sugden DNW  
 Sean Mahoney DNW Big Fish 
 Paul Taylor DNW  
 Chris Nicholls DNW Garbolino – Apollo 
The 3rd qualifier is on Wednesday 28th July 2010 at Monk Lakes in Maidstone Kent. (8 Spaces Available)
The 4th qualifier is on Saturday 7th August 2010 at Tyler’s Common in Brentwood Essex. (1 Space Available)
The 5th qualifier is on Wednesday 11th August 2010 at Puddledock in Upminster in Essex. (Fully Booked)
The 6th qualifier is on Wednesday 1st September 2010 at Monk Lakes in Maidstone in Kent ( 1 Spaces Available)
The 7th qualifier is on Saturday 4th September 2010 at Hartleylands Farm nr Cranbrook in Kent (Fully Booked)
The 8th qualifier in on Wednesday 15th September 2010 at Sumners Ponds nr Horsham in Sussex (1 Space Available)
The 9th qualifier is on Saturday 25th September 2010 at Frant Lakes in Frant in Kent (3 Spaces Available)
The 10th qualifier is on Saturday 9th October 2009 at Framfield in East Sussex (Fully Booked)