Fish to Win Pairs – Round Five – Lake John – Wednesday 12th May 2010 – Match Results
Round Five of the FTW Pairs competition sponsored by Big Fish Tackle moved to Lake John in Waltham Abbey Essex.
As in last years Final Alec Roberts (Middy) was the one to beat on the Essex Silver Fish Venue and he didn’t disappoint by picking up his second win on the trot with 112lb 8ozs of Bream, Roach & Perch at 13 metres and down the edge, helping to lift him and his pairs partner Graham Dack (Middy) into 2nd place in the pairs standings just behind Pete Upperton and Robbie Taylor.
Pete Upperton won his section and gained maximum points in the dying seconds of the match by hooking into and landing a bonus 10lb+ carp securing the win and lifting him above pairs rival Geoff Vallance (Preston Innovations Delcac) who had 101lb 8ozs, and with Pete’s Partner Robbie Taylor (Preston Innovations Delcac) coming 2nd in section with 99lb 6ozs of Skimmers behind Alec Roberts giving them a 4 point lead in the pairs comp with just one match to go.
Section A
Geoff Vallance (Preston Innovations Delcac) on his first visit to the Essex venue took the honours with 198lb 14ozs on peg 9, second place in peg 3 was Robbie Taylor (Preston Innovations Delcac) with 146lb 2ozs fishing in close and down the edge, in 3rd place was Mark Parrett again on his first visit to the venue weighed in with 141lb from peg 10 and these were the top three weights overall over the 2 lakes.
Section A Weight Points
Pete Upperton 108lb 4oz 1
Geoff Vallance 101lb 8oz 2
Chris Nicholls 94lb 8oz 3
Barry Upperton  84lb 4
Graham Dack 81lb 12oz 5
Bruce Welfare 56lb 8oz 6
Andy Creech 45 lb 7
Malcolm Bond 35lb 8oz 8
Glen Butler 29lb 8oz 9
Shaun Mahoney 28lb 14oz 10
Damien Curtis 18lb 8oz 11
Tony Haydon 1lb 12
Martin Smith  15
Section B Weight Points
Alec Roberts 112lb 8oz 1
Robbie Taylor 99lb 6oz 2
Zac Brown 89lb 3
Tony Baily 63lb 4
John Coster 56lb 5
Mark Parrett 52lb 8oz 6
Jonnie Couzens 39lb 2oz 7
Tony Lock 37lb 10oz 8
Barry Riley 34lb 9
John Bell 31lb 8oz 10
Danny Coss 24lb 8oz 11
Mark Glynn 22lb 12
Gary Haydon 7lb 8oz 13
Jason Nash  15
Overall Placing
Position Name Team   Weight      Points
1 Alec Roberts Middy    112lb 8oz        1
2 Pete Upperton Middy    108lb 4oz        1
3 Geoff Vallance Preston Innovations Delcac 101lb 8oz 2
4 Robbie Taylor Preston Innovations Delcac 99lb 6oz 2
5 Chris Nicholls Garbolino Apollo 94lb 8oz 3
6 Zac Brown Preston Innovations Delcac 89lb 3
7 Barry Upperton  Passies Sonubaits 84lb        4
8 Graham Dack Middy    81lb 12oz        5
9 Tony Baily     63lb                4
10 Bruce Welfare     56lb 8oz        6
11 John Coster Bowlers    56lb                5
12 Mark Parrett     52lb 8oz        6
13 Andy Creech     45 lb        7 
14 Jonnie Couzens     39lb 2oz        7
15 Tony Lock Garbolino Apollo 37lb 10oz        8
16 Malcolm Bond     35lb 8oz        8
17 Barry Riley     34lb                9
18 John Bell     31lb 8oz       10
19 Glen Butler     29lb 8oz        9
20 Shaun Mahoney     28lb 14oz       10
21 Danny Coss     24lb 8oz       11
22 Mark Glynn     22lb               12
23 Damien Curtis Browning    18lb 8oz       11
24 Gary Haydon     7lb 8oz       13
25 Tony Haydon     1lb               12
28 Pat Cooper                 15
28 Martin Smith                 15
28 Jason Nash                 15
Pairs Standings after  Five Rounds
Pete Upperton Robbie Taylor 29 Points
Alec Roberts Graham Dack 33 Points
Chris Nicholls Tony Lock 35 Points
Geoff Vallence Zac Brown 37 Points
Andy Creech Mark Parrett 69 Points
Barry Ryley Glen Butler 74 Points
Bruce Welfare John Coster 75 Points
Shaun Mahoney Tony Baily 88 Points
Danny Coss Malcolm Bond 89 Points
Barry Upperton Mark Glynn 90 Points
Jonnie Cousens Pat Cooper 97 Points
Jason Nash Martin Smith 101 Points
Damien Curtis John Bell 112 Points
Gary Hayden Tony Hayden 128 Points
Individual Weight League
Geoff Vallance                   502lb 12oz
Robbie Taylor                    443lb 12oz
Alec Roberts                     432lb
Chris Nicholls                   422lb 2oz
Pete Upperton                    418lb 8oz
Graham Dack                      345lb 11oz
Zac Brown                        336lb 4oz
Tony Lock                        314lb 10oz
Mark Parrett                     306lb 4oz
Bruce Welfare                    242lb 1oz
John Coster                      221lb 10oz
Barry Riley                      221lb
Danny Coss                       216lb
Barry Upperton                   206lb 9oz
Tony Baily                       205lb 15oz
Mark Glynn                       204lb 4oz
Andy Creech                      200lb 7oz
Martin Smith                     180lb 10oz
Malcolm Bond                     173lb 12oz
Glen Butler                      171lb 14oz
Jason Nash           160lb 10oz
Shaun Mahoney                    147lb 8oz
Jonnie Cousins                   144lb 10oz
Damien Curtis                    143lb 6oz
John Bell                        119lb 4oz
Pat Cooper                       109lb 15oz
Gary Hayden                      85lb 8oz
Tony Hayden                      11lb 13oz
Round 6 and the final round of the pairs moves to Sumners Ponds, Barns Green, West Sussex on Wednesday 24th April 2010.
Fish to Win South East starts on Wednesday 7th July 2010 at Marsh Farm in Surrey
Fish to Win National starts on Wednesday 14th July 2010 at Partridge Lakes in Cheshire
Full details and ticket availability can be found on the website