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Here a short update concerning

We will soon start with our great deals on fishing tackle.

Within two weeks we will be moving to a bigger warehouse, meaning we can buy higher quantitiesof tackle, which will of course lead to bigger discounts for you, our customers.

Our Fishdeals Facebook UK page is growing fast too, and within two weeks we’ve already had over 2000 likes! Like us on Facebook via and we will keep you in touch with all of the latest news and offers. 

How does it work
Fishdeal buys large quantities of tackle from the brands, so they are able to negotiate great discounts. Secondly, Fishdeal focuses on products from the catalogues of, for example, 2012 and 2013.

So whilst all of all the products are new, they are not necessarily the newest products in a given range, as most brands add new items to their ranges every year.

Fishdeal simply buys the older items, but a new rod from the 2013 range can be just as good as one from the current range – the difference is you pay only 50% of the price! At this moment 75.000 anglers are already subscribed!

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