Angling has received a major boost with the launch of the Fisheries Accreditation Scheme, a major new initiative aimed at driving upwards the competence of fisheries managers and improving the management of fish in recreational fisheries.

The scheme is a joint venture by the Institute of Fisheries Management, the Angling Foundation and the Professional Coarse Fisheries Association, supported by the Environment Agency. Fisheries will be invited to become inspected by qualified IFM professional members using the Institute’s ‘codes of practice’ as a baseline for the standards that will be assessed. If successful, the fishery will be issued with a certificate – at gold, silver or bronze level – and will be entitled to publicise the accreditation under a two-year licence agreement.

The media launch at Portcullis House, opposite the Houses of Parliament, was hosted by Martin Salter MP, Labour’s Parliamentary spokesman for Angling. He was joined by speakers from the Institute of Fisheries Management, the Angling Foundation, the Environment Agency, the Professional Coarse Fisheries Association and the Fisheries & Angling Conservation Trust.

This was followed by the public launch and workshop meeting, held in Nottingham, at which fishery owners and tenants joined in discussions on the Scheme and the IFM’s Biosecurity Code of Conduct.

Initially, the Fisheries Accreditation Scheme is restricted to coarse fisheries, although there are plans to extend it to stillwater trout fisheries in future. Full details and application forms are available from:-

Suraj Roopra, Fisheries Accreditation Scheme, Federation House, National Agricultural Centre, Stoneleigh Park, Warks, CV8 2RF. Tel: 02476 414999; Fax: 02476 414999; Email:; Website:

1. Further media inquiries should be directed to Bruno Broughton Tel: 01952 691515; email:

2. The Scheme partners are:-

Angling Foundation
The Foundation awards its accreditation to fishing net manufacturers and
wholesalers that meet its accreditation standards, issuing a licence to use its
distinctive water-lily logo on accredited products. Its funds are used to assist educational and conservation initiatives.

Institute for Fisheries Management
The IFM is the competent body for fisheries management which trains future
professionals through its Fisheries Management Diploma, validated by
the Open University. The Institute is also author of the ‘Codes of Practice
for the Management of Intensively Stocked Stillwater Fisheries’.

Professional Coarse Fisheries Association
The Association protects and promotes the interests of its member fisheries through political action, media campaigns and partnership with other bodies. It encourages best practice, the development of high quality, accessible facilities and the conservation of fish, wildlife and the water environment.

The Environment Agency
The Environment Agency is the leading public body for protecting and improving the environment in England and Wales. It supports and helped develop the Fisheries Accreditation Scheme, and it has provided vital financial assistance to enable the
Scheme to commence.

3.  The active support and input of the national umbrella body for angling and fisheries, the Fisheries & Angling Conservation Trust (FACT), and the Fish Welfare Group were instrumental in the development and launch of the Fisheries Accreditation Scheme.