Aquaculture Equipment Ltd manufactures and supplies a wide range of products, specialising in the supply and installation of aeration equipment to fisheries and fish farms across the UK and France.

We are the UK distributors for Acqua & Co, Italy ( ), who manufacture a very successful range of lake aerators to help water aeration and play a key role in improving water quality.
Aquaculture Equipment has been supplying these machines for over 17 years, and has many installations in some of the best fisheries and fish farms in the UK (and more recently France). If you wish to see a machine working in the flesh, we could probably direct you to a nearby venue already using our fishery aeration system effectively. We offer a comprehensive after sales service, and can service all Acqua & Co products supplied by us. All work is guaranteed too.
If you are in the market for fishery aeration equipment, Aquaculture has the answers…

We have a range of aerators for fisheries and fish farms, each working in a different way to suit the water conditions. These portable, reliable units offer an economical solution to providing standby or emergency aeration. Very easy to deploy, they are working instantly, and can often turn a drastic situation around. The idea of course is to avoid a drastic situation occurring, by maintaining adequate dissolved water oxygen levels through aeration. Water oxygen crashes in fisheries can be catastrophic, and this is where fisheries management techniques come into play, things like stocking levels, silt management, aquatic plants, bait quality and quantity all combine to determine the demands placed upon the dissolved oxygen availability.
If you need any fishery aerators in an emergency, we always carry stock and machines are usually available for next working day delivery. The Splash machines will arrive fully assembled, with the Force 7 air injector requiring minimal assembly.

Any size generator is available for those remote sites with no power, and can be converted to run on LPG. This option allows longer running times, and can prove more economical too. All generators are driven by Honda engines, offering a reliable dependable unit.

Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring
We are often asked when is the best time to run the aerators to improve water oxygenation, and the general answer is during the hours of darkness. This is due to the submerged aquatic plants and algae consuming dissolved oxygen through the process of respiration, and of course the fish place a demand on dissolved oxygen too, day and night.
However, dissolved oxygen can fall dramatically during the daytime. Periods of warm but cloudy weather can prevent the submerged vegetation photosynthesising, possibly resulting in critically low oxygen levels, so aerators should be used in these situations too.
Due to the increases in electricity costs over recent times, we have looked at this problem of exactly when to have the aerators on, and for how long.
After looking at the problem we developed a value fishery aeration solution.  It consists of the DO1020 which is a dissolved oxygen (DO) unit, and automatically monitors the DO levels in the lake. When levels drop to a lower threshold (set by the user), the unit switches on the installed aeration equipment. When levels reach an upper threshold (again set by the user), the aerators are turned off.
This was trialled last year at an EA site, and results indicated a saving of around 20 to 25% on the electricity used. The savings across a large fish farm or fishery are potentially huge, plus you are safe in knowledge that the aerators will be on when DO levels are low, day or night. 
These units can be tailored to suit your requirements. We offer a simple to use handheld DO unit, ideal for taking spot samples from around the lake. You may not want the Do unit to turn an aerator on, and would rather be notified of a problem by an alarm or even a text message!
It can also be configured to work in a fish transport vehicle, maintaining a preset DO level throughout the journey.
Data can also be relayed wirelessly back to a house or office up to 2km away, so there are many applications for the equipment.

Fish Feeders For Stock Pools
Many fish farmers are aware of the benefits of having a controlled fish feeding program across their stock pools.
Feeding a quality pellet little and often has been proven to return a better feed conversion ratio. This is the relationship between the weight gained by the fish and the amount of food fed. This ratio also includes uneaten or wasted food.
The idea is to keep feed waste down to a minimum. By feeding only once a day, it is possible for some feed to be left to rot on the bottom, leading to a reduction in the quality of the water. This waste food will in turn place a demand on the available dissolved oxygen, which is needed by the growing fish. Waste food is also a waste of money!
Feeding smaller amounts at intervals will ensure most of the feed is eaten, so saving money and reducing the waste build up.
Today, more fisheries have now created their own stock pools (for a variety of reasons). The cost of bringing on your own stock fish can offer huge savings against buying in larger fish, also the threat of viral disease and parasites being transferred to a fishery are of concern. Some carp fisheries also strive to maintain a specific strain of fish for the future.
A controlled feeding program allows you to tailor the exact amount of feed required for the density of the fish in the pool.
Aquaculture Equipment Ltd manufactures a range of fish feeders and control units (including solar powered feeders), which will allow feed to be dispensed to the fish in the most economic way. A feeding program can be worked out for you to suit the size and density of the fish in each pool.
Aquaculture Equipment Ltd also supplies the aeration equipment and oxygen monitors to keep the fish healthy and protect them when dissolved water oxygen levels are low.

Detailed information can be found on our website, including prices. You can also view videos of each aerator working, with some interesting underwater footage.
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