Fishery News  Week ending 28 September 2008
Pick of the Pike
Boat fishing with lures and dead sea fish over 18cm (excludes lamprey)
Pitsford Water 1 October to 23 November
Rutland Water  6 October to 16 November
Grafham Water 13 October to 30 November
Ravensthorpe Reservoir 27 October to 23 November

Rutland Water 01780 686441; Grafham Water 01480 810531;
Pitsford, Ravensthorpe & Hollowell 01604 781350,
Taverham Mills Fishery 01603 861014; Alton Water 01473 589105
Recreation Dept Anglian Water 01572 653021

Rutland Water
fish week 619 (season 33,200) returns 254 (9,302) rod average 2.43 (3.56)

Matt Gregory from Oakham took the best fish this week – a super 5lb 3oz Rainbow.  Matt fished from the bank on the Peninsula using a floating line and white minkie.  Matt boat fished earlier in the week and fished in the same area, losing a very good fish.  The 5lb 3oz Rainbow made up for his earlier disappointment.  The unsettled weather and changeable temperatures have slowed down sport.  Boat anglers continue to take fish from down the South Arm with dry fly and nymphs predominant.  Elsewhere the Main Basin and parts of the North Arm (around the tower and the transformer area) have also produced fish.

Settled conditions will see continued sport.  Fry feeding is becoming more evident around the shore and weedbeds.  Try drifts (boat fishing) along these areas, while bank anglers need to cover as much ground as possible along the weedbeds which are best fished with a single fly.

Anglian Water Fulling Mill International

“The finest open team competition in Europe” the Soldier Palmers winners of last year’s Anglian Water Fulling Mill International.  Anglers from throughout England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Belgium and France, started to arrive last Thursday keen to practice for this prestigious competition.  Full report and results in next week’s Fishery News.

Best Rainbow  5lb 3oz taken by Matt Gregory of Oakham

Best brown 7lb 8oz caught and returned by S Longden of Selby

Best methods Dry fly and nymphs.  Fry patterns are picking up good fish on the banks.

Best boat areas Most of the South Arm, middle of the North Arm, the main basin

Best bank areas Normanton, Sykes Lane, the Peninsula, Finches, Carrot Creek, Armley Wood, Old Hall, Spud Bay, Yellowstone

Mid week boat winner Christian Woolford of Cropston, Leics
Forthcoming events Beginners courses – 5 & 18 October
Associated Major Clubs final 4 October
Boat fishing for pike 6 October to 16 November (with lures & dead sea fish over 18cm)
Autumn Pairs 11 October Fry Bashers match 19 Octobe,r 50 boats booked
AW Rudder match – George Moore Trophy 25 October

October is very busy with boat bookings so please phone before making your journey

Grafham Water
fish week 453 (season 18,860) returns 145 (4,952) rod average 3.12 (3.8)

Grafham Water has continued to fish well this week with trout being caught in the top three feet of the water mainly on red or claret dries, daddies, diawl bachs, crunchers, cormorants, white boobies and small fry patterns.

Boat anglers have had the cream of the sport with most of the trout being taken from the western end of the reservoir with L,H and S buoys, Savages Creek, Valley Creek and the lodge frontage all producing good catch rates.  The best bag of the week was taken by Milton Keynes angler John Timothy, John caught 8 trout for 24lb 12oz from H buoy on diawl bachs and appetisers on a floating line.

Bank anglers have found the fishing a little challenging this week but on Sunday Chris Bobby from Great Staughton caught 8 trout for 18lb 12oz from Savages Creek on a floating line with small nymphs.  The south end of the dam and Deep Water Point have produced some good sport this week for the bank anglers on small dries or nymphs.

Best rainbow 8lb 12oz

Best Brown 3lb taken by P Thomson of Ampthill

Best boat areas Valley Creek, L,H & S buoys, lodge frontage

Best bank areas South dam, Plummer Park, G bank, Savages Creek

Mid week boat winner Ken Dainty of Perry
Forthcoming events Beginners courses 26 October, 2 November
 Pike fishing 13 October – 30 November (with lures & dead sea fish over 18cm)
 Anglian Water Rudder Match 1 November

Pitsford Water
fish week 456 (season 14,477) returns 130 (4,581) rod average 3.5 (3.1)

Pitsford Water has fished well this week from both the boats and bank has improved this week with a rod average of 3.5.

Fish are feeding on daphnia and snail and are being taken on minkies and other larger lures like tadpoles of different colours. Bank anglers have used floating lines with success as fish are not far out from the bank with the near to full water levels. Top spot for the banks are the Gorse, the Cliffs and Stilton Point. The pines and gravels continue to produce fish.

Boat anglers have been catching all over the lake in areas like North Farm Bay out from the cliffs and the main basin particularly the boils. Again lures have proved their worth this week and sinking lines in bright conditions have worked well, but if cloudy fish have been on the surface and taking smaller flies like diawls bach’s and crunchers and dry flies.

George Lafrate and John Sturge were on holiday from Kent last week.  On Tuesday George managed seven rainbows and a 3lb 4oz brown and he returned 9 other fish! His boat partner John also took his limit of 8 fish. The duo fished again on Thursday also taking there limits each, on the day. They said the fishing was excellent as usual.

Best rainbow 4lb 8oz
Best methods Narrows, main bowl

Best boat areas Narrows, Main Bowl

Best bank areas Gorse, Stilton Point

Mid week boat winner D Tait of Cambridge

Forthcoming events  Boat fishing for pike 1 October to 23 November (with lures & dead sea fish over 18cm)
 Beginners courses –11 & 25 October

Ravensthorpe Reservoir
fish week 433 (season 13,779) returns 158 (2,539) rod average 2.7 (5.43)

Fishing is steady with fish moving off nymphs.  The late hatch of buzzers has improved sport for those fishing the bung or “washing line” style.  The platforms are fishing better as fish move into the margins.

Best Rainbow 7½lb taken by Mr M Jones

Best boat areas Drifting is best in all areas

Best bank areas Platforms

Mid week boat winner Roger McCann of Northampton