UK fishermen would prefer to play with their tackle than have a night of passion with their partners according to a new survey released today by bookmakers totesport to support their sponsorship of Fish’O’Mania XII. 


An amazing 75% of those questioned admitted that they would prefer a days fishing than a night tucked up in bed with their wives or girlfriends.  If there love for the sport wasn’t strong enough just 47% of the 1000 people surveyed opted for a liaison with a Supermodel rather than catching a record breaking fish. 


However it must be noted that we don’t know how much honesty is behind these answers as just less than half (46%) also admitted that they had lied about the size of a catch and clearly shows that fisherman can be a dishonest bunch.


Steve Ringer, the current 5/1 favourite with totesport for the event, was one of the fishermen questioned.  He commented, “Although it might get me in trouble I opted for a days fishing than a night of passion.  I think these results show how addictive fishing can be and once you catch the bug you are definitely hooked!”  


Paul Baggaley, President of the National Federation of Anglers, added, “I don’t think fishermen are a dishonest bunch but instead get caught up in the excitement of a big catch and might get carried away.”


The bad news for the wives and girlfriends doesn’t end there as the survey also revealed that the men spend 8 x as much money on fishing equipment as they do on gifts for their partners and spend on average 3 days a week out of the house fishing.


Paul Petrie, totesport spokesman commented, “It is odds on that there are fishing widows the length and breadth of the country that can relate to these results.  However it also shows the commitment that people have to the sport and is why Fish’O’Mania is one of the most exciting sporting events of the year.”


Taking place at Hayfield Lakes in Doncaster on Saturday July 22nd, Totesport “Text Betting” Fish’O’Mania features 16 anglers from across England fishing it out for a winner-takes-all top prize of £25,000. All the action is live on Sky Sports. 




Average spend on Fishing Equipment – £1729

Average spend on Gifts – £208

Days Fishing or night of passion  – 75% Fishing, 25% Passion

Record Fish or Supermodel – 53% Record Fish, 47% Supermodel

Lied about the size of a fish – 46% Yes, 54% No

Favourite reason for Fishing – 49% Relaxation, 23% Socializing, 16% Competing 12% Time Alone