THE man behind the new fishmeal-free pellets says that the UK’s use of fishmeal in angling is ‘a time bomb waiting to go off’.

Denzil Thorpe of Willis Worms/Freedom Feeds UK says that the high use of fishmeal is creating a dangerous imbalance in many fisheries.
“The struggle is to convince fishery owners that the future well being of their stock rests on their ability to manage the input of fishmeal into the water. “Fishmeal is not a bad product if managed properly, but on a commercial lake this is not always easy,” he told Southern Angler.

“Aside from the ecological aspect of using fish from the oceans as a cheap source of proteins, fishmeals contain high nitrogen levels which feed algae blooms and bring other toxins into the water.

“We all know that high oil diets are not good for carp, but the industry continues to pile it in on a daily basis, resulting in poor water quality and poor health.”

Denzil says that the original pellets from the US have been extensively developed so they are suited to the UK commercial fishery scene.

“They are designed with low oil content and with the right amount of protein to match the digestive tract of cyprinids like carp and bream,” he added.


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