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    I am fishing a deep lake which is any where between 15 to 18′ ft deep at 6 metres out.
    On Saturday the wind and tow were a real pain in the butt and to hold it back with any stability at the float, i ended up on 3 and 4 gram Sensas floats with olivettes.
    I got a fair few tangles on the hook length and line beneath the olivette coming back up the line, due to the oli sinking a lot quicker than the line beneath it.
    How do i cater for this?
    It is a comfortable fish to be honest once you have got your mind around the depth and the Roach/Perch are to hand at this distance.
    The rigs i am using are 3.6lb to 2lb bottom with either a 18, or 20 hook size.
    Would a swivel help with this? onto the hook length? :confused:

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    If I use an olivette, I bulk a few shot directly below it, then a swivel so that they’re all touching. This seems to combat any tangles. I don’t have a problem with putting a dropper or two on my hooklength. Also, swinging the rig out slightly and allowing it to ‘pendulum’ back will help prevent tangles, rather than dropping it all straight down a hole.

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    So does that mean you have got the Oli approx 12″ from the hook? Assuming a 12″ hook length, with the swivel right above and joining the hook length?
    I had got the Oli about 30 inches above the hook, then using a few number 9’s and 10’s just to drop the bristle down to where i wanted it.
    In doing so, i was thinking that the more distance i have, the more opportunity the line beneath the Oli can come back up the main line, if you see what i mean.
    I see wher you are coming from though and it certainly looks like i need to get a swivel into the rig as you say.
    Thanks alot.

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    Yes mate, oli just above the swivel, seperated by a tight bulk of shot and have all the components touching. I don’t know why this stops tangles but it does, haha.
    I dont think you need to use 10’s as droppers in that depth, i wouldn’t go lower than a 9, more positive.

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    Hi Paddy,
    With big rigs like you are using in deep water, keep the terminal tackle simple. I would recommend you to use just one dropper shot between the olivette and the hook, either a No6 or No4 shot. Putting two or three small shotsin the same area just results in tangles!

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    Do you use a swivel Dave?

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    I’d only use a swivel if I was get the line twisting up on the retrieve. This only normally applies to very light hooklengths. The sort of kit you are using shouldn’t be an issue but definitely use one if it is. Good luck!

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    Chaps – Thank you.
    I am clear in my mind now of when, how and why!
    It should get even clearer on Saturday as i am going back to the same place.
    Ta 🙂

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