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    Angling Trust/Canal and Rivers Trust Stillwater Championship Round 5 Qualifier at Blythe Waters.

    Twenty seven competitors took part in the fifth Angling Trust & Canal and Rivers Trust Stillwater Championship qualifier at Blythe Waters, Northamptonshire on Saturday 20th July 2013 with everyone enjoying some outstanding sport with over 500 kg being taken to the scales.

    Thanks to a change in the weather, it was an overcast day with a ripple on the water, the carp turned up in abundance on Bridge and Willow pools. Most anglers started the day fishing long poles shallow, or method feeders to the islands, and both methods produced early fish. However, it soon became obvious that fish were willing to feed in the margins which lead to some big fish being caught. The largest fish of the day was a carp of 6.300 kg, although lots of anglers admitted to losing even bigger fish.

    Winner on the day was Lee Davis (Hall Green) fishing Willow peg 6, he opted to fish paste in the margins. Lee must have wondered if it was going to be his day as he lost the first 10 fish he hooked, and admitted to losing a further 12 fish during the day. Lee still managed to weigh in a magnificent 69.580 kg to include the largest fish of the day.

    Second place went to Richie Hull (Garbolino Dynamite Baits) fishing Bridge peg 18. Richie caught a few early fish on the method feeder, but a switch to luncheon meat in the margins soon brought a stream of bigger carp with his final weight of 62.220 kg. Third place went to Andrew Nicholls (Tamworth) fishing Bridge peg 32. Andrew caught plenty of silver fish on the long pole then switched to the margins fishing dead red maggots and worms to land some better carp and total 28.900 kg.

    The five section winners each qualify for the grand final on 21st September at Boddington Reservoir.

    Section A
    1) Bridge peg 3 – Carl Barnfied (Swann Baits) 18.200 kg
    2) Bridge peg 6 – Phil Hardwick ((Banbury Gunsmiths) 12.240 kg

    Section B
    1) Bridge peg 18 – Richie Hull(Garbolino Dynamite Baits) 62.200 kg
    2) Bridge peg 14 – Neil Carless ((Ridgemere) 16.740 kg

    Section C
    1) Bridge peg 32 – Andrew Nicholls (Tamworth) 28.400 kg
    2) Bridge peg 28 – Danny Ludgate (Mosella UK) 26.600 kg

    Section D
    1) Willow peg 6 – Lee Davis (Hall Green) 69.580 kg
    2) Willow peg 1 – Stephen Sanders (Birmingham) 28.320 kg

    Section E
    1) Willow peg 22 – David Frith (Nottingham) 20.800 kg
    2) Willow peg 18 – Peter Wood (Hampton Magna) 18.800 kg

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    Great fishery spoiled by the peaple who run it. e.g. you have to be of site by 16. 30 (6.30pm) sometimes earlier . You cant walk round for a look. They make rules up on the spot .

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    You mean PERSON ? in the guise of the infamous GAIL. The font of all angling knowledge with the ability to give all of Birmingham food poisoning given the chance. She must have cost BW and the new face of BW a bloody fortune in lost revenue.

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    Correct.I could go on and on about the stupud things that go on their.She turned someone away the other day who turned up at 2 oclock who was joining his dad to fish.I go past the place regulary the car park only has two or three cars these days.

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    I remember going there in the early days of TF when we used to have a decent set of get togethers and had a decent Supercup squad in the midlands..as I recall I looked across the cafe table at Keith ‘Crusty’ Taylor who was pondering the state of his breakfast as delivered and suggested he ask for a straw. The breakfast was swimming in cold tomato juice and everything about it was unappealing. Never been back and never intend to, and it sounds as though it’s still maintaining the same standards of customer service.

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