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    Hi all have now been back at work for 8 months and am looking to treat myself am looking for a 9ft feeder rod and a suitable reel for commercial work with method and pellet feeder with some responsibility money not a major issue as it will be my first present to myself for a few years so any help would be appreciated cheers gazer

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    Hi Gaz,long time not seen you. I got 9ft preston mini F1 and I used it on our club match at Stocton res and land it carp up to 15lb without problem 🙂 You can pop up and have a play with it or I meet you on bank at hollyhurst 🙂 Regards

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    Hi Dom might take you up on that but can we wait till I can feel my fingers when outside 🙂

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    No problem mate just let me know when ur ready 🙂

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    I bought a shakespeare 9ft mach1 2 years ago after watching a guy catching big carp at Docklow pools.

    So impressed i bought the 10ft pellet waggler really are fantastic value for money.

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    had quite a few short rods nothing comes close to the daiwa tournament 9ft imo thrilled to bits with mine 😀

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    Somebody told me the tornee a bit undergunned on the cast?

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    O and sorry but what size reel are people using?

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    tbh gazer my 9ft copes well BUT 30-40m would prob be the furthest i will have to cast @the venues we fish + i have a daiwa tdx 2508 onit (daiwa – tart) 😎

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    Must admit bit of a shimarno fan when it comes to reels

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