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        I am going to show my lack of knowledge now,regards size limits for fish…..

        I was in my local supermarket today,looking at the fish counter for the price of their Mackrel,for bait,and saw what I can only describe,as atrocious…

        Whole Sole,Dab,Turbot,which would fit quite snugly in the palm of my hand,laid out in fans for sale….

        Forgive me for seeming like a P*ll*ck,but isn’t there a size limit on the fish,which is taken for the table ?…….

        Honestly,once filleted,there wouldn’t have been enough meat to put on a slice of bread,let alone to taste……..

        Am I wrong,or is this something in which the store is wrong for taking them to sell?….

        I will post this on another sea forum,as well,as I am most concerned………..

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          Depends where the fish were caught, for example the EU size limit for bass caught in the Med is just 20cm. Other species such as dabs and turbot will vary depending on whether the local fishery has a bylaw such as Southern Sea Fishery, if you look at the actual EU size limits and you will see that only a few species are listed.

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