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    First of all i don t speak english verry well. I want to buy an feeder rod.I can t decide between daiwa spectron 12/13ft vs preston dutch master 12.8 ft method feeder. in 90% i want to buy the spectron is made in uk etc. Worth the extra money ? Thx guys i apreciate if you answer me.

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    nobody can help me ? 🙁

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    Daiwa all the way mate.
    Regards Peter

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    i will buy an tournament pro and that s it 🙂

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    Hi Stefan, another vote for Daiwa mate. 🙂 🙂

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    thx guys 🙂 here in romania only rod made in uk is daiwa TDR. this is this thread bcz i never saw an tournament(only old version) or spectron 🙂

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    Stefan, you might get more help if you explain exactly what you want the rod for.
    There is some great gear available and its not all expensive. Its just that for certain jobs some rods stand out.
    No doubt Daiwa rods are very good but so are lots of others.

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