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        Can someone tell me if you can fish abbotsbury in a south westerly wind 21mph wind speed
        will it be blowing straight on to the beach Thanks

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          Yes it will! It faces SW. I’d be sceptical about being able to fish it in that wind. Best off to wait for the wind to subside and fish it as soon as you can afterwards. It’s a steep shelving beach with a bit of tide going through it so take care if you go.

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            thanks misterb do you fish there yourself if so do you catch much

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              I’m from Sussex so I’ve only fished there a couple of times. Best fished at night when almost anything could turn up!

              I was told daylight fishing is best either early in the morning or late in the evening.

              The best thing is to ask in the tackle shops. I went over the last bank holiday and the main tackle shop in West Bay was really helpful in recommending where to go. There were some nice plaice being caught closer to West Bay, but I only had spinning stuff with me so I didn’t have a go for them.

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                I would say no, as there will be a sizeable surf, and the shingle turns into a grinder and your rigs won’t last 5 mins, agree with misterb 100%

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