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    just broke a section on my rod today 🙁
    supposed to be rated for 6lb line which i was using but still it broke at the male spigot middle section where it joins top section….
    does anybody know where i could possibly get a replacement? or maybe get it repaired?
    have emailed uk garcia dealer (well i think there a dealer) but still waiting for reply..

    i love this rod 🙁

    only consolation is i won the match with a pb 108lb 14oz 🙂

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    I have a pair of these & have given them some real stick, your rod might have had a fault.

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    thanks baitchef, i was thinking the same myself.. or maybe it had come slightly loose at the joint with all the casting i was doing (pellet wag)
    the same thing has happened before to a hardy gem while fly fishing, same place too…

    anyway thanks again and ive mailed em 🙂

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    I hope you get it sorted, congratulations on the win by the way.

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    contacted abu when i broke a tip on my suveran feeder rod, was told they only supply whole rods not section so you might struggle, you might have more luck getting it fixed
    congrats on win

    cheers mike

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    You need to get in conact with pure fishing. I know that there was a problem with the spigot fitting on some of the first few suverans (with the gripfit real seat.) that came into the country. I had the male spigot go on my 11.5 to 13ft feeder. Scott Esselle repaired the section for me.

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    mike strutter, I have broken many of the 1/2oz tips and have been able to get replacements with no problem.

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    Hi smed I broke the tip section of my suveran, and sent the whole rod back and was sent a new one by return f.o.c.

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    late for the draw who did you contact and where did you send it?
    i have mailed abu garcia twice, once from there main site and once via pure fishing and am still waiting for a reply…..

    just also wanted to say a big thanks for all the advice and offers of another rod too so THANKS!

    oh and does scoss at esselle repair rods too? thought he only did poles?
    im sure it wouldnt be a problem to repair as its just the spigot thats broke but what do i know?

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    TF_Bingo Wings

    Hi Smed, try this number, you have better luck contacting them.
    Good Luck.

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    Try WMAC as they are selling the whole rod for £40 and they always have bits & pieces lying around

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    Hi smed i did it through my local dealer apollo angling.
    I asked them to order a tip section for me and was willing to pay.They contacted abu who told them to send the whole rod back and then replaced it this was about 18 months ago,whether it was because there was a fault on some rods i’m not sure, maybe get your local dealer to speak to them.

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    mmrb i contacted them a few monthsago and they were less than helpful, told me that they didnt supply replacement sections so i just got a drennan one and sanded it down to fit,i got the numbert hrough the abu website, where did you get your replacement from

    cheers mike

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    mike strutter. Bob Co, Leeds. Have had four off them now. They rang it through whilst I was in the shop and it took 3 to 4 days to arrive Can`t remember price, but it was not stupid money.

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    Tips for the feeder rod should be no problem, I have replaced my 1oz tip, but also ordered a 1.5oz tip in the past.

    In answer to your question about Esselle, give him a call. Thats what I did and arranged to send him the rod and he was able to repair it and it has been fine since.

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    thanks bingo wings, i rang abu and they said they dont do replacement sections 🙁
    if its less than 12 month old they will replace the whole rod for nothing as its under warrenty, but guess what…
    ive had it longer!
    and i also bought it second hand..

    fill it in some more i also tried wmca and they said the rod is discontinued? and dont have any returns/spare sections either so no luck there but thanks anyway..

    ive been offered a couple of replacement rods so i may just get another and have the tip and butt for spares or maybe get it repaired via esselle

    thanks for all your help again..


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    TF_Bingo Wings

    Your welcome Jason, glad i could help.

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