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        With regarding the question as to whether or not going red and showing your e-mail on here gets you more spam. I have tried hiding the e-mail address for a while but have recently changed it to back to red..

        I have found, although it might be a coincidence, in the few days that I have changed back to red, my spam folder has been more active (two or three times more).

        Back in Black……………. AC/DC

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          Allow me add my share to this!

          I have been in black for a short time and before I did so, I was receiving 7 junk emails in my junk box and about 7 everyday on average in my inbox.

          I turned into black, my junk email is now with 3 to the max per day and regularly only 1 junk mail per day! The numbers which goes directly to my inbox has been reduced to 1 or 2 per day!

          The one which came directly to my inbox had my address directly copied from sites I visit and most of them now I hide my email addy only on TSF! I guess it was copied since the email were not sent to many clients but only me!

          I came back to red and it’s still 1 or 2 junk mail per day and I receive more regular junk mail from sponsors of competitions I’ve participated on this site!

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            Blimey! I thought Quambo was off to a concert or swinging party!!

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              Why can’t I get Sean to organise a fishing trip on the breakwater?

              Unfortunately all my AC/DC albums are all on vinyl and tape, which I no longer use, never mind no doubt CD will soon disappear as well :o(

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                I actually went to see the Scorpions at the hammy Apollo a couple of weeks ago.

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                  Sean, have you looked on ares? i just put in a search for ac/dc and it came up with 1480+ tracks. Dougie

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                    Got any Curved Air?

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                      I aint got much air at all, let alone curved !!

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                        Yep, the same Sonja.

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                          Stop gassing you bunch of old gits, what about the Breakwater, someone contact Desperate Dan get it sorted….

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                            How about Saturday 8th August for the breakwater?

                            Works been cr@p at the moment and I’m looking to get a proper job, which might mean working Saturdays, so I would need to get it sorted soon.

                            I can’t believe how little people want to pay you nowadays. Oh-well you know what they say about peanuts and monkeys :o( has anyone got any spare change LOL

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                              Losing the plot, yes I meant September, just couldn’t spell it :o)

                              15th would do, if I do take this new job I would need to book it though.

                              Any idea about boat times?

                              By the way, I think Def Leppard are better than AC/DC and I do have those on CD.
                              AC/DC were never as good after Bon Scott snuffed it.

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                                Then there’s something Oystercult

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                                  Def Leppards Drummers only Half as good as AD/DC’s, Ok fer 8th or 15th….

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                                    Lesson learnt; don’t go racing cars with your arm out of the window.

                                    He’s still a bruddy good drummer, struggles with distance casting though.

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                                      Girls Aloud my Faves….

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                                        Not Sonia!
                                        Sonja Kristina Linwood.

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                                          Sweet child of mine

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                                            Sean, did you see Motorhead at the Ipswich Gaumont when they did the bomber tour? Kin-ell I couldn’t hear for a week afterwards.

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                                              Even old gits get groupies


                                              First saw em in Paris Texas in 73. last saw em in Houston Texas 2003 better!

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                                                You will all be Grateful and Dead soon enough….

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