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      Got a club match on there.
      Not been for ages.
      Could do with a good run down of info please

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      de ja vu mate!

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      someone must have been on it from here?

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      Has been fishing hard this year between 30-60 lb wins most matches breakfast is good though just fish for bites pellet/ caster over you need some bare bank for better pegs

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      I fished it 2 weeks ago on a hot dull day ……first 2 hours hardly a fish for the 14 on the match , last 3 hours got better either potting small meat down the far shelf or potting close to any of the many willow trees hanging over , big meat on 14’s hook .
      Also corn or double caster in to the reeds far side fished about 6-9 inches deep flicking in samples shorter . Peg 42 winner 30lb , peg 6 19-12 , peg 39 – 18-8 me on peg 44 for 18-4.
      No small fish were feeding however others did get good nets of crucians and goldfish and some Rudd. With the recent rains it should have improved . Good luck.

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      Some info at last. Thanks for that.

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      bagging wag works best on there

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      just what I expected 200+ views and a few constructive answers.
      whats the point of having a forum?

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      @JOHNNY BOY wrote:

      bagging wag works best on there

      maybe on trotters or moby but not on gills mate .

      best to either fish tight to island with either meat or worm and caster – and have a shallow line down the track with either pellet or caster. Margins can work if you have a bit of room.

      Cannot give up to date info as not fished there for over 6 months .

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      Any info from today on gill’s?
      What size fish are you targeting in there?

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      what were the weights like?

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