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    Anyone give me any feedback on the Sensas 774 please, strength, stiffness, responsiveness and is it prone to breakages.

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    Have a look in the classifieds at the one for sale.

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    Seems like a lot of breakages on it to me craig, thats why im interested in anyone elses experience with them. Cheers anyway craig.

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    ONE breakage = alot???i have had mine now for two years and wouldnt swap it for any other top end pole.its stiff and very strong and spares are cheap and easy to get hold of.only thing i would say is that the mini 6/7 which fits BETWEEN the 6 and 7 sections makes it feel slightly unbalanced at 16 metres.only breakage i have had was the number 5 which was due to my own carelessness.thanks andy.

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    loda – The one in the classifieds had 7 broken/repaired spare sections. This has now been deleted and the pole put back up for sale without the list of repaired spares.

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    blimey SEVEN repairs !!!! a lot of the lads who i fish with at sensas thorne have sensas poles and we havent had that many breakages between us!thanks for pointing that out craig didnt see the original ad.

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    Hi lads

    I think you might will find that the pole gostie is trying to sell is a different pole to the one that was advertised with all the broken sections ~think or have I missed a trick ~naughty

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    ~clap ~clap top pole mate listen i’m not just saying that go and try one we all have personal favourites but believe me sensas have spent a lot of time on research into poles the new river poles good as well i’ve had mine 774 for two years now and have broke a no2 and that was my fault ~shh but one thing you do need to look into if you decide on another pole is the price of spares sensas spares are really reasonable and you don’t have to wait long for them its a top pole mate

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    The Sensas 774 is a lovely top end pole.
    I sold my Airity and got one and I have always thought it handles better than even the Airity, which is awesome itself.

    Great pole, great spares package, joker card etc.

    Its strong, stiff and glides though your hands. A new pole is a personal thing, but I really wouldn’t swap mine for anything else on the market, and working in a tackle shop, I get to look and hold most poles out there.

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    Thanks to the lads who have replied, anyone else got any views on 774.

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    any views on the 784 pole?
    was considering one of these, much difference between this and the 774
    ie strenght, lightness and stiffness

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    The 784 is really a silvers pole to be fair, i know a few lads that swapped their 774’s for 784’s have now swapped back as the 784 was not really strong enough for carping. It is lighter and stiffer than the 774 but nothing like as strong.

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    I ve just bought a 734,well happy with it.nice and light and very stiff,great spares package and very cheap extra top kits.not fished with it yet but sure i ll like it.

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    the 784 has been replaced by the new series.

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    It’s a really great pole, and don’t forget the finish on the pole. It’s the best I’ve ever seen.

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    Hi Staff Bull – you know your gonna swap back to Daiwa soon irrespective of how good the 774 is!!!!

    You’ve had a G10, a Tourney, 774, another G10, G700, G995, Super Legion in the same time I have had my one Tourney.

    Small point but IMO poles feel better when you get used to them if you ever keep one long enough…!!

    Well done on saturday matey – first win with the 774!!!

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