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    Considering the cost of Hydro what are the best cheaper alternatives. I need to redo some of my top kits but can no longer justify sending £15.00 on a bit of rubber

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    ive gone from hydro to doubled up solid, you would be suprised how good it is!

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    Another vote for double-up solid, works brilliantly.

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    I tried double 8 to replace my black hydro top kits at White Acres last year, but I had problems with lost fish (a particularly bad day on the high numbers on twin oaks, if I landed half the fish I hooked I’d have framed?!?) I was not using pull bungs and felt I had little to no control over the fish, especially when hooking them in the margins or down the near shelf. The fish would steam off with yards of laccy streaming out behind them until it felt like the laccy bottomed out and the hooked eventually pulled. Probably my lack of technique, but switching back to hydro immediately reduced my lost fish / hook pull ratio. Perhaps it was a confidence thing??

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    Try a hollow latex called lastix.
    It is very good, I think made by
    j-range. My local shop stocks it
    but they don’t mail order, I guess
    a google search will find stockists.
    £7-8.99 ish

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    Preston hollo 15 (dark blue) & dacron on the bung. You will easily get 2 top kits out of one length of elastic.
    Regards Peter

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    If you think about it the only elastic you need is standard solid or latex. The advantages of double solids and hollows are almost negated once you take into account their diameters and the amount they stretch. So its a waste of time and money because the advantages are tiny. You can elasticate 2 top kits with a single spool of latex. That works out at about a quid something per top kit. Solids and Latex last a surprisingly long time too. I have Latex in some top kits that have been there for nearly 2 years. Hydro is also very durable but I don’t think the price is justified.

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    @lump wrote:

    Hydro can last for years though. I’ve got some black. Think it’s 3 years old at least, it’s still servicable.

    I have got some black and red hydro I have had it in for at least 5 years, not sure if it’s worth the money but it does do the job

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    check ebay out m8 sometimes you can get some really good deals on hydro.

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    iv been using doubbled up middy 3/4 for small stuff and like it
    ill be trying the 4/6 for bigger stuff

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    been using the half elastic/dacron, used it for the first time this year yesterday and it didn’t feel any different as if i would of had a full lenght of elastic

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    I’ve got some black Hydro thats 7 (yes, 7!) years old! Getting a tad short now mind!

    I don’t get on with double lakkys for carp but if you don’t want to part with £15 for Hydro I find the Preston Hollo good, although when you take in to account that it’s not quite as long lasting it’s no cheaper!

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    new sensas latex, £1.99 for 7 metres?!?

    Awesome stuff as well.. ~clap

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    Hydro is well worth the £15 for the amount of time you can have it in your kits. Double elastics you have to change quite often depending on the amount of use they get so really hydro is cheaper in the long run as it will last years compared to solids that last a couple of seasons.

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    Just re doen my top kits and thought I would try hollow so I went and bought some of the MAP powertube and it is very good elastic, I used to use it before but then stopped using it for some reason but I had one batch of the 10-12 in my top kits fo 2 years you could see it had frayed slightly but wouldn’t snap even after I took it out.

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    Hydro should last at least 5 years so that works out £3 per year.

    Doubled Solid you will have to change at least 3 times a year which works out over 5 years nearly £40.

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