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    When you arrive in your tackleshop hoping for a fresh maggot ! Let’s have a look you say with hope in your heart . Then that sinking feeling ! Hardly a feed spot in sight . Historically good bait at this time was in the lap of the Gods due to weather conditions , But don’t take the pee some of this sh .. Won’t even turn to a decent castor it’s that small . Don’t reply with old bait don’t shrivel up in the cold that’s crap . A fresh bait out scores old shit . Remember the uprising of the dead maggot ?? You don’t kill old rubbish do you . If fresh maggot goes long on the hook ? Well it’s only like a dead one only fresh !!!!! Don’t be fobbed off with old crap , they still want top money . Complain and shop around . 😡 😡 😡

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    I couldn’t agree more but surely part of the problem is that the turnover of maggots/casters is a tiny fraction of what it once was? Back at the start of the season my local tackle shop (Poole, Dorset) said they’d got in two (TWO!) gallons of maggots, a far cry from the days of 150 gallons 30 years ago. I had some casters that day – opened the bag and they were rank. I like to fish casters occasionally but if I can’t get super-fresh ones every time I won’t bother. Glad I no longer match fish with decent bait so hard to source. Perhaps that’s part of the problem – the local match scene has disappeared and those matches that are held – barring the odd river one – are all pellets.

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    The rise of pellet fishing and the on sight shops at commercials have collectively helped to see the demise of quality bait . We the customer can shop around , but that is not so easy . Nearest alternative for me involves a 20mile round trip . The onus lies with both the breeders , and the shop keepers . The same as it always has . ! I can see that it’s easy to end up with a fridge full of old stuff . Difficult to sell and a drain on the pocket . I don’t envy the task !But . Anyone involved in selling a perishable product has the same dilemma . The breeder that my local shop is using had a reputation of being the best in the Midlands !! From what’s been offered to me lately I have relegated them to worst. :confused: 😡

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    i am afraid you are correct although breaders tend to clear out pits at this time of year due to low demand so some bad bait comes out….. and even shops cannot afford to throw away bait any more than we can.

    You still have a right of complaint though, and trouble is we moan a lot and do nowt….very true of match anglers.

    Find out who supplies your local shops, pick 2 with different suppliers and play them off. Also I now ask for fresh bait and not week old in the trays on offer, I go in and spend my cash every weekend of the year almost without exception so consider I’m a good customer and can make demands….within reason, try it ….you are the customer.

    I see local guys with a gallon of maggot 50% sawdust and taking them to the next shop and complaining……errrr what is that all about. Weights and measures you pay for a pint or measure of bait …..its in your hands to complain

    I would sooner travel 5 miles for a pint of good bait than 100 yards for crap

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    Good info and fair reply , I think comes from Bristol Angling Centre 🙂 I nearly wiped this one off , fearing a backlash . Must be getting soft in my old age :rolleyes: Just like the tackle shop owner I visit . He does a 70 miles round trip to pick it up !!! Then says to me he thinks it’s alright 😮 Not a feed spot in sight and I’ve been buying this stuff for 46 yrs . It won’t even turn to a good castor it’s that small . Reminds me of the old dear in the curry house in Newquay . The lamb Jalfreizy was so tuff I could have soled my shoes with it . I told her so . We only use the most tender lamb here she replied . Don’t give me that , I’ve been eating for 59 yrs now I think that makes me an expert . We didn’t tip and will shop around next year . 😡 🙁 :o. Just thought of a great idea !!!! The Newquay curry house should join up with the bait dealers and do some buisness . A new fat maggot with a spicy twist 😀 😀 😀

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    even the maggot from the well known Coventry suppliers is not as good as it used to be ….. lot of small maggot in amongst. Still turns in to decent Caster though.

    Are you still Redditch based – not sure what Alan’s bait is like in Alcester …. the new shop in Stratford seems to have decent maggot the couple of time I’ve been in. personally I use Bailey’s in Warwick as it’s reliable and they keep it well.

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    Baileys would be worth a look on my way to Meadowlands . Thanks .

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    thankfully in the north west the bait is very good, maggots and casters,with a large match circuit up here and a lot of f1 venues like partridge and blundells etc maggot is still a big seller in the winter months.most small shops that sell quality bait rely on bait and terminal tackle to survive as on large items like poles they cant compete with the larger shop s discounts so good bait is a priority for the ones i use.

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