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    A good number of Ton Ups this week as well as pleasure anglers catching hundered pounds plus of fish even in a half day session. Great koi caught and ghosties aldo some very large carp even in matches.
    Most carp caught on paste made out of Angel 3 mm pellets, angel pellets banded also doing well with catches but both need angel pellets feed over them. Silvers take pellets but also maggot, chopped worm, caster and add hemp to this to get some corker fish in good quantities.
    A good average of 100lb caught will need 4 bags of pellets this seems to be the feed levels at this water temp fish are hungry.

    Sunday 7th August 2016 open Lookout ton up
    Conditions:- Partly cloudy, ambient temp 18 deg, wind WSW 20 mph, barometer 1016 mb , water temp 15.8 deg, PH 7.1, DO 8.15, mv 25
    1st Rob Rundle 102lb 11oz peg 16aa
    2nd Andrew 1 80lb 15oz peg 2
    3rd Boggy 78lb 3oz peg 4

    Sat 6th August 2016 open Bowes
    Conditions:-sunny, ambient temp 21 deg, wind W 9mph, barometer 1023mb, water temp 16.9 deg, DO 8.10, PH 7.05, mv 30
    1st Jonny Maver 94lb 4oz peg 22
    2nd Ray Laing 70lb 7oz peg 16
    3rd Alan Mc Guire 60lb 15oz peg 2

    Friday Eve 5th Aug 2016 open Lookout
    Conditions:- Mostly cloudy, ambient temp 20 deg, wind WNW 9mph, barometer 1019mb, water temp 16.5 deg , ph 6.98, DO 8.00, mv36
    1st John Foster 154lb 04oz peg 42
    2ND Dave Pearson 106lb peg 32
    3rd Norman Laing 87lb 10lb peg 24

    Wednesday 3rd August 2016 open Bowes
    Conditions: very heavy prolong rain overnight, followed by Partly cloudy, ambient temp 20 deg, Wind rising WSW 14 mph, barometer low 999 mb, water temp 17.8 deg, DO 8.65, Ph 7.1, mv 25
    1st Jonny Maver 121lb 5oz peg 16
    2nd Boggy 100lb 15oz peg 33
    3rd Chris Pine 98lb peg 40

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