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      Week ending 23 June 2019

      • Top of the water sport at Ravensthorpe with a 6.1 rod average

      Rutland Water 01780 686441; Grafham Water 01480 810531;
      Pitsford, Ravensthorpe & Hollowell 01604 781350,
      Taverham Mills Fishery 01603 861014; Alton Water 01473 589105
      Recreation Dept Anglian Water 01572 653021

      Rutland Water
      Fish 719 (Season 19,801) Returns 224(3,657) Rod average 3.2(5.41)
      Fishing overall is amazing at the moment with huge areas of the reservoir alive with surface feeding fish mopping up pin fry within feet of the shoreline. This has provided bank anglers with plenty of opportunities, as well as boat anglers who have also reported fish showing well out in the open water and these are also feeding on this year’s fry.

      Last week saw the trout really switch on to Rutland’s pin fry which culminated in a real mixed bag of results for anglers. Pin fry feeders are notoriously hard to tempt with many different flies employed by anglers last week. Hares ear, pearly pheasant tail, diawl bachs and dries such as a yellow owl cdc have all scored for these fish when kept high in the water on a floating line. A switch to co polymer leader material and also reducing the length of leader helps with this.

      It is very important to keep the flies on the cast high in the water when targeting these fish as they are so high up in the water their field of vision is very small. Fly choice varies day to day so keep chopping and changing to try and gauge what will be the preferred fly on the day. Get it right and spectacular sport can be enjoyed as found by season ticket holder Toff Crowther and retail assistant Graham Hayward; the pair had a fantastic afternoon/evening on the bank during the week. Toff and Graham targeted the pin fry feeders, banking 31 fish between them in one session. The successful method was to keep moving along the bank looking for individual fish to target using a single buzzer on a heavily greased leader. Later on in the evening they switched to dries with good numbers of sedge encouraging the fish to take a dry.

      The main basin has also switched on in the last week with many fish in open water from Stocky Bay to the buoy line on the dam. Washing line with FAB on the point and diawl bach, crunchers and buzzers up the cast has been the best tactic, fished with a floating/midge tip line. The best boat areas have been Manton Bay, Gibbets Gorse, New Zealand Point to the Sailing Club, East Creek and Fantasy Island along the Normanton bank. Also featuring have been Yellowstone, Old Hall and Ernies Point, and along Sykes Lane frontage. This really illustrates what a good spread of fish there is currently in the reservoir with plenty of locations producing fine Rainbows up to 4lb. Mark Jeffery was rewarded with one of Rutland’s fine specimen Browns weighing 6lb 7oz, it was a tough day for Mark, but a special fish like that can turn any day into a good one.

      From the bank Ernie’s Point, Sailing Club Bay, Stockie Bay, Barnhill Creek, East Creek and the blue pipes along Normanton are all holding good numbers of fish and well worth a look.

      It is also worth noting that our Summer bank ticket is now available to purchase – so take advantage of what is often the best part of the day. Priced at just £12 for one fish plus catch and release you can fish from 6pm; a very good value option to enjoy those summer evenings on the bank.
      Rutland Water continued

      Tuesday Evening Boat League week 6
      Just 2oz separated first and second place last week with Rich Cooper seemingly handed victory quite literally on a plate. Keith Jones was one of the first to weigh in with a very respectable four fish for 12lb 3½oz. Rich then came to the scales with four fish for 10lb 5½oz plus another four released. With a ½lb allowance per fish released this gave Rich a total weight of 12lb 5½oz, 2oz ahead of Keith. Rich went off to gut his fish and came back smiling having discovered something very unusual in one of his fish; showing Keith and the rest of us a piece of porcelain, possibly from a broken plate!
      Third place went to Paul Baker with four fish for 11lb 5¾oz. Ady Naylor had the biggest fish on the night – a cracking 4lb 9½oz Brown, winning Ady a free mid week boat.

      Midweek boat winner: A Robinson of Suffolk.

      Forthcoming events
      Breakfast Club Fishing 29 June
      EDFF 3 July
      EFFA 4 July
      Scierra Pairs 6 July
      England Qualifier 7 July
      Anglian Water Airflo International – North of England Final 15 July
      Anglian Water Lochstyle 4 man team match 31 August
      Beginners courses: 29 June; 2,14 & 20 July; 4,10,25 & 31 August and throughout the season.
      Boat handling courses: 24 June; 5 & 9 July; 8 August and throughout the season.

      Grafham Water
      Fish 829 (Season 7,815) Returns 209 (1,558) Rod average 3.96 (5.0)
      Grafham Water has had a very busy week with the majority of boats being booked each day. Anglers came from far and wide, birthdays were celebrated and matches contended, all in fierce competition.

      Competition news
      EFFA ProAm 20 June

      The EFFA Pro Am on Thursday saw 18 boats take to the water, carrying 36 very enthusiastic and knowledgeable anglers. The majority of boats headed straight to Gaynes Cove where there was an abundance of quality ‘overwintered’ fish. Tempting them just below the surface with a FAB on the top dropper, then two hares ears and a booby on the point proved the killer combination; especially with a very long hang at the end of the retrieve.

      Grafham Water continued
      The Professionals won with the results as follows
      The Professionals
      119 fish for a total weight of 274lb 12oz and a rod average of 7.44
      1st Keith Jones 27lb 10oz
      2nd Sean Hanlon 27lb 6oz
      3rd John Hardy 26lb 12oz
      4th Graham Pearson 25lb 12oz

      The Amateurs
      92 fish for 213lb 7oz and a rod average of 5.75
      1st Steve Otteridge 28lb 8oz
      2nd Gary How 27lb 7oz
      3rd Keith Gilchrist 21lb 14oz
      4th Peter Hartley 17lb

      Anglian Water Airflo International Midland Heat 22 June
      This eagerly anticipated match saw four teams of 6 anglers battling it out for a place in the International Final. Because of a change in wind direction the fish had moved and the method was a little more challenging. The winners were the Finatics with 29 fish for an impressive 65lb 7oz. Top rod was Cameron Neil with a weight of 27lb 12oz. Peter Hartley took the best fish of the day – a superb Rainbow of 3lb 14oz.

      Bank fishing has been patchy this week, but the dam is still producing. The wind is always a factor so have a look at the direction and think where the fish are likely to be.

      With an eye on the forecast for the coming week we recommend fishing the south bank, trying areas such as the Seat, Perry Point and drifting into Valley Creek.

      Best boat areas: Wind dependent – the Seat, the West bank.

      Best bank areas: The dam (bowl area), the Harbour Arms (early morning and late evening).

      Mid week boat winner: Barry Tayler.

      Forthcoming events
      Invicta Tuesday Night Boat League
      Open to all; boat draw approx. 5.15 with fishing commencing at 5.30pm. The evening concludes at the Wheatsheaf in Perry for refreshments.
      Anglian Water Airflo International – Southern Final 8 July
      Anglian Water Airflo International – Midland Final 22 July
      WPC 17&18 August
      Anglian Water rudder match 24 August
      Beginners courses: 30 June;6,19 & 28 July; 3,9,24 & 30 August and other dates throughout the season.
      Boat handling courses: 2 & 24 July; 6 August and other dates throughout the season.

      Pitsford Water
      Fish 676 (Season 10,147) Returns 167(1,659) Rod average 4.04(6.1)
      Pitsford Water continues to fish well, particularly in overcast conditions when fish can be caught on dries or nymphs fished high in the water, washing line style with diawl bachs and crunchers. Fish are feeding on a wide range at the moment including snails, caddis, damsels, sedge and pin fry. In the evenings fish are moving into the margins, often in just a couple of feet of water giving tremendous bank sport in the last couple of hours, particularly on dries.

      The fish are relatively well spread out, with boats catching in the small half, Stone Barn across to Bog Bay, the Dam, Sailing Club and the Pines. Bank areas to try are Sailing Club, Flats, Rigbys and Sermons.

      Best boat areas: Flats, Pines, small half, Stone Barn to Bog Bay, Dam/sailing club.

      Best bank areas: Sailing Club, Flats, Rigbys, Sermons.

      Mid week boat winner: Robert Graton from Telford.

      Forthcoming events

      Beginners courses: 28 June; 12,21 &27 July; 11,23 & 29 August and other dates throughout the season.
      Boat handling courses: 1 & 23 July; 7 August and other dates throughout the season.
      Mid Northants Trout Fishers Association
      Hosts monthly open sessions for beginners at Pitsford where fully trained instructors are on hand to offer advice on fly casting, fly tying and water craft. Non members welcome. All sessions are 2-5pm
      6 July, 3 August, 7 September and 5 October.

      Ravensthorpe Reservoir
      Fish 350(Season 7,199) Returns 57 (972) Rod average 6.1(7.4)
      Anglers are enjoying top of the water action at Ravensthorpe this week with a rod average of 6.1. Ravensthorpe continues to fish well on the top with many fish feeding on snails and damsels in the wind lanes.
      Drifting boats fishing from the middle of the reservoir to the west bank, particularly in Tall Willow Bay and the Domes, have been the most successful with many anglers having red letter dry fly days.

      The profusion of ramshorn and pond snails floating along the surface means snail patterns are a must on the cast with small deer hair creations such as muddler or G&H sedge proving successful. Others have caught well on static bushy bob’s bits or big reds.
      Midge hatches and sedge hatches are large when they occur and so worth imitating also with crippled midge, shipmans buzzer and small hoppers.

      Grafham Water Fly Fishers Dry Fly Day at Ravensthorpe.
      13 GWFFA members fished in the club’s annual dry fly day at Ravensthorpe Reservoir on Sunday 23rd June. Most anglers opted to fish across the middle of the lake. The fish were taking small buzzer, a few terrestrial flies, damsels and floating snail.
      Various patterns were successful with Stuart Stenning-Whte taking top rod with 12 fish to the boat. Stuart caught his fish on a home tied dry daddy and a deer hair sedge, Runner-up Peter Waterhouse fished mainly with a Klinkhammer and a black hopper. Others were fishing small bobs bits, hoppers and CDC buzzers. Following a BBQ lunch anglers found the early afternoon quiet. A late afternoon rally by three others could not quite catch up with Stuart and Peter. All fish were returned. David Moore had a rainbow of about 6lb which he said was probably one of the best conditioned fish he had ever caught. 82 fish were caught for a rod average of 6.3. A big thank you to David Rowe the ranger for his help with the day.
      1st Stuart Stenning-White 12 fish.
      2nd Peter Waterhouse 11 fish
      3rd Lianne Frost 9 fish.
      The bank fishing at Ravensthorpe is a challenge due to low water levels and the weed growth but fish are still possible around the weed as they feed close in mainly on emerging damsels.
      Best Rainbow: 6lb 10oz taken by Mick Griffin.

      Best boat areas: Middle of reservoir to Tall Willows, Catwalk Corner.

      Best bank areas: Monger bank and the dam.

      Midweek boat winner: John Crossan.

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