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        Latest News and Information from

        Week ending 9 May 2021

        • Popular evening boat leagues return to Rutland and Grafham
        Starting Tuesday 11 May

        • Superb specimen Browns and Rainbows with excellent sport across all waters

        Rutland Water 01780 686441; Grafham Water 01480 810531;
        Pitsford, Ravensthorpe & Hollowell 01604 781350,
        Taverham Mills Fishery 01603 861014; Alton Water 01473 589105
        Recreation Dept Anglian Water 01572 653021

        Rutland Water
        Fish week 2,412 (season 10,394) Returns 341(1,132) Rod average 7.07(9.18)
        Another solid week of quality sport at Rutland Water for both bank and boat anglers, resulting in a rod average for the week of 7.07. The fish continue to feed hard on buzzers with both the North and South Arms producing plenty of sport. Floating lines or midge tips have been the order of the day with buzzers featuring heavily on the cast along with diawl bach, particularly in black.
        Barnsdale Creek, Barnsdale Steep bank, Armley Wood and Whitwell frontage have all produced large numbers of Rainbows and Browns. Down the South Arm, Sailing Club Bay, New Zealand Point, Gibbets Gorse, Manton Bay, Old Hall and Hideaway Bay have been the areas to target.
        Rutland’s specimen Browns really came to the fore with an 11lb 13oz specimen recorded by an angler fishing Saturday’s rudder Match. Unsurprisingly this superb Brown contributed to the winning weight of 54lb 9¾oz recorded by this angler and his boat partner. The following day saw yet another magnificent Brown with a superb 12lb 6oz specimen taking a size 12 black cruncher on the washing line down the North Arm. But it’s not all about Browns this week with Rainbows recorded to 6lb on the bank and to 7lb from the boat.
        Prospects for the week ahead look good with slightly warmer weather already encouraging large buzzers to hatch and the first Hawthorn flies of the year dancing over the water. A further 2,000 fish have been introduced in four locations down the North Arm, as we have moved into the prime buzzer fishing month of May. Boats are very popular so please ensure that you book in advance to avoid disappointment.
        Fish stocked: 2,000.
        Tuesday night boat league 2021 starts 11 May
        Rules again this season are, kill your first four fish, then catch and release four fish. Arrive at the lodge from 5.00pm onwards; boats leave the harbour at 6.00pm. We look forward to welcoming anglers back to this friendly event.
        Please note under the Covid safety guidelines, there won’t be any orders for supper on 11 May, but we do anticipate being able to take orders from “Sid’s” fish and chip shop from 18 May onwards.
        Forthcoming events
        Evening boat league commences 11 May – please ask at the lodge for more details
        Lake Challenge (Predator) 19 & 20 June
        Airflo Invitation Match 26 & 27 June

        Grafham Water
        Fish week 733 Returns 84 Rod average 8.7
        The past week has been one of the best we have ever witnessed at Grafham Water. On Saturday one angler caught over 20 fish from the Harbour Arms in one afternoon. Meanwhile another angler on the opposite arm caught five pounder after five pounder! Incredible bank fishing. One of our regular season ticket holders fished on three consecutive days, arriving at 6am and leaving at noon. He bagged up on all three days and caught and released 10 plus rainbows for good measure. The fish haven’t been feeding so readily on the dam so head for the south shore; anywhere from the Harbour by the Seat up to Plummers car park.
        The boat fishing has been just as productive, the beginning of the week saw good catches from the north shore on traditional methods and buzzers. However, as the week progressed the fish began to be caught in high numbers from the south shore. These fish, although mostly stockies, have been coming out at over 3lb as the fish we have been stocking recently have been of a very high and large standard.
        Boat anglers have been catching using buzzers as well as lures. If you fancy a bit of roly poly then that also works. If you want to twiddle a boobie or leave a buzzer under the bung, that works too. Head to Grafham and start catching some fish!
        Forthcoming events
        Evening boat league commences 11 May – please ask at the lodge for more details
        Invicta Pilgrimage 27 & 28 May
        Scierra Pairs heat 30 May
        Perch mania 12 & 13 June
        Anglian Water Airflo International – Grafham heat 19 June.

        Pitsford Water
        Fish week 339 (Season 2,776) Returns 44 (401) Rod average 7.7 (6.9)
        Pitsford’s bank fishing has sprung into life and is matching the boat sport which has remained excellent (despite recent blustery conditions). The best Rainbow of the week came from the bank and was estimated in excess of 7lb. This was taken by fishery staff member Mark Mathieson who fished Pitsford Creek on Sunday morning and caught and returned ten fish, all on buzzers. Mark also had a Brown of around 5lb.
        Buzzers are in abundance with the first hawthorn flies now on the menu too. The bank fishing is currently fantastic with some great catches reported. One couple fishing Duffers and Bog Bay caught an amazing 31 Rainbows and 14 Browns with Rainbows to 5lb.
        Whilst in the Sermon’s and Holly Tree area another angler had 20 fish, fishing buzzers and muskins on a floating line. An angler targeting the Gravels had over 30 fish on washing line tactics with a booby on the point.
        Boat anglers continue to have good sport from most areas with Sailing Club, Brixworth Bay and Pines being the most consistent.
        We have stocked a further 1500 fish this week, taking our stocking this week to 17,500, with many of these fish in the 2-3lb range, with some larger. This will ensure that the terrific sport continues.

        Best Rainbow: 7lb.

        Best Brown: 7lb.
        Best boat areas: Main basin, Narrows, Rigbys, Sailing Club, Pitsford Creek.

        Best bank areas: Gravels Sermons, Rigby’s, Sailing Club, Pitsford Creek.

        Fish week 266 (Season 2,571) Returns 32 (172) Rod average 8.3 (13.4)
        Ravensthorpe has produced some excellent sport this week. One of our season ticket holders recorded 55 fish to the boat on a variety of methods. Other anglers have enjoyed some great days with up to 27 fish to the boat.
        The majority of fish caught fell to buzzers, olive or black with orange cheeks, straight lining or under the bung. The rod average for the season so far is 13.4.
        Best boat areas: Coton car park.

        Best bank areas: The dam.

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