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        Latest News and Information from

        Week ending 25 October 2020

        • From 1 November take advantage of our reduced boat prices

        • Shrimpmasters – Grafham bank league starts soon

        Rutland Water 01780 686441; Grafham Water 01480 810531;
        Pitsford, Ravensthorpe & Hollowell 01604 781350,
        Taverham Mills Fishery 01603 861014; Alton Water 01473 589105
        Recreation Dept Anglian Water 01572 653021

        Rutland Water
        Fish 281 (Season 12,102) Returns 127 (2,663) Rod average 2.21 (4.54)
        The last week of Autumn and the imminent changing of the clocks saw a fall in temperatures, and with it a significant increase in the numbers of large fry-feeders in and around the weedbeds.

        Boat anglers are enjoying multiple catches of big fish over 6lb. The biggest known fish of the week – a cracking 7lb 8oz brown- was taken by a bank angler who backed it up with a rainbow of 5½lb.

        The majority who are targeting the weedbeds for specimen fish, are doing so by popping a suspender minkie through the surface, or by using a static floating fry approach. However, of the fish that have been taken and spooned, many have been found to be full of shrimp and snail. The ‘washing line’ method with hare’s ear on the droppers proved successful for the few that targeted these quality fish in this way.

        The best areas for the big fish hunters have been Sailing Club Bay, New Zealand Point, Church Bay, Normanton Bank, Ernie’s Point, Old Hall and Hideaway Bay.

        There are very good numbers of recently stocked fish out in the open water of the Main Basin, with the final 8,000 rainbows of the season having been stocked throughout October. The key open-water areas to try are in front of the fishing lodge to Church Bay, the Blues Pipes to Fantasy Island, and along the buoy line of the dam. We have seen numerous good quality over-wintered ‘bonus’ fish between 3-5lb joining these pods of recent stockies (which are generally high in the water and willing to chase bright lures), making for some exciting sport!

        On Saturday we hosted the annual George Moore Memorial rudder match
        where only the best brace (per pair) were counted.
        On a very breezy day, eight pairs faced off against each other as they went in search of big fish. It was a close competition with only 1lb separating the top three pairs! The best fish of the day (6lb 1oz) contributed to the winning brace, weighing 8lb 0oz. Second place weighed in 7lb 8oz and third place had 7lb.

        Finally, a reminder to all that as of 31 October the winter restrictions are in place and Brown trout are out of season. All brown trout MUST be returned quickly and safely to the water, and barbless flies MUST be used for all catch and release fishing.

        Fish stocked: 2,000.

        Forthcoming events:
        Beginners Courses: 8 November and 6 December. To book please call the lodge on 01780 686441.
        Fur & Feather 6 December

        Grafham Water
        Fish 473 Returns 90 Rod average 5.25
        Fishing at Grafham continues to be of a consistently high standard. With the previous week’s rod average a fantastic 7.6 this week’s average of 5.25 is still good, and the reduction is probably down to poor weather conditions which prevented the usual number of boat anglers taking to the water.

        Fish are still to be found close into the banks. Bank anglers have been catching on shrimp patterns and small fry patterns. One angler said he had been catching from the dam wall using a small perch pattern. If lures and the good old roly poly don’t float your boat then try a black snail or a small nymph on nothing more than a size 14 hook, keep it still, keep it slow.

        One Grafham regular had two nice rainbows up to 5lb right from the harbour arms, using a snake he kept the line low in the water and the trout nailed the lure just as he was going to lift it from the water for a re-cast on both occasions. Again, reinforcing the fact that the fish are still to be found close to the banks feeding on the shrimp and snails.

        Predator anglers have found a slight improvement over the last couple of weeks, although it is still relatively hard the perch and the zander have started to bite again. The water temperature is still relatively mild with fish in the east side of the reservoir in about 20-25 feet.

        Grafham Water will be hosting Perch Mania this weekend (31 October and 1 November) and all boats are booked.

        Shrimpmasters – Grafham’s socially distanced annual winter bank league
        November 15,22 & 29; December 6,13 & 20; January 10 (7 Sundays, best of 5)

        Register outside the lodge (socially distanced). Fishing from 9am to 3pm. Fished across 7 Sundays. Trophy awarded for the overall winner based on their best 5 days. Points awarded down to 8th place with blankers getting 1 point.

        Beginners Courses: 30 October; 6 November and 5 December. To book please call the lodge on 01480 810531.
        Forthcoming events:
        Shrimpmasters Annual bank league
        November 15,22 & 29; December 6,13 & 20; January 10 (7 Sundays, best of 5)
        Fur & Feather 22 November.

        Pitsford Water
        Fish 140 (Season 7,910) Returns 44 (1,365) Rod average 3.2 (5.8)
        Pitsford fished with a rod average of just over 3 this week with a good number of Browns still being caught. Areas to try; Sermons, Pitsford Creek, Sailing Club and the Narrows. With brisk southerlies forecast this coming week areas like Sermons or the Creek will probably be the areas to head to.

        Methods to try, for the shrimp feeders; try a washing line set up with diawl bachs, hare’s ears and shrimp patterns with a fab for floating fry on the point. For fry feeders popper fry over the weedbeds, or Snakes, Minkies and Humungous on a di3 or fast intermediate. It has also been reported that one or two fish have still been caught on daddies and hoppers.

        On Saturday we welcomed the Lure Angling Society who held a Pike match on Pitsford Water. Despite a big southerly wind which made the fishing challenging they reported a total of 19 Pike caught between 11 anglers. 1st place was a 109cm Pike which weighed 25lb 8oz; 2nd place was a 105cm Pike that weighed 21lb.

        From this coming Sunday, 1 November, the ‘small half’ of the reservoir will be out of bounds for fishing to all anglers, boat and bank and all Brown trout will need to be safely returned alive to the water. As always, these measures will be in place throughout the rest of this season.

        From the 1 November we move to ‘winter boat’ prices with single man boat hire at £15 and two man boat hire at £21 for the rest of the season. Note there is no half day boat hire price now for the rest of the season. Boats are still available to go out from 8am across the fisheries.

        Also, from 1 November dead baiting from the bank is permitted at Pitsford. Anglers can use a maximum of 3 rods, using dead sea baits only, these must be a minimum of 18cm long. Please note there is no lure/spinning fishing allowed from the banks. This season from 1 November there will be restrictions in place around the track, please contact the fishery for more detail.

        Beginners Courses: 31 October; 7 November. To book a place please call the lodge on 01604 781350.
        Forthcoming events
        Fur & Feather 8 November

        Ravensthorpe Water
        Fish 25 (Season 2,969) Returns 16 (489) Rod average 1.5 (6.0)
        An improvement this week at Ravensthorpe; the water is clearing and there’s some fish being caught.

        Best methods have been float lines with nymphs, diawl bachs, FAB or blob on the point, or lures, like Pitsford Pea, small snakes.

        Boat fishing has been more successful than the bank at the moment, with a few fish being caught from Platforms 4 and 5.

        Best Rainbow: 3lb 6oz.

        Best bank areas: Platforms 4 and 5, dam.

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