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        Latest News and Information from

        Week ending 23 May 2021

        • Popular Tuesday evening boat leagues return to Rutland and Grafham

        • Superb boat sport across all waters

        Rutland Water 01780 686441; Grafham Water 01480 810531;
        Pitsford, Ravensthorpe & Hollowell 01604 781350,
        Taverham Mills Fishery 01603 861014; Alton Water 01473 589105
        Recreation Dept Anglian Water 01572 653021

        Rutland Water
        Fish week 2,999 (season 14,600) Returns 410 (1,774) Rod average 7.34(8.22)
        Another consistent week here at Rutland with fantastic sport on offer for both bank and boat anglers. There has been a significant shift to nymph patterns this week, these have just had the edge over the buzzer patterns that have been so successful of late.

        Once again a floater or midge tip with FAB on the point has been the go to method with diawl bach, crunchers and hares ear taking plenty of fish. Large black buzzer have also been hatching off consistently with buzzer fished deeper either straight lined or under the indicator accounting for overwintered rainbows and specimen browns up to 8lb. A di3 has also been employed by anglers, particularly on those days with more wind when presentation of nymphs is compromised. A booby/blob combination pulled in the top 2 feet should soon get them chasing, providing exciting sport.

        The North and South arm are fishing well with Transformer to Armley Wood, Burley to Barnsdale (including the Creek) down the North and Hambleton Wood to Spud Bay and Gibbets Gorse down the South providing consistent sport. The main basin has also started to fish with good reports from anglers, in particular Blue pipes to Fantasy circa 80m out from the bank.

        The bank is still fishing very well with Whitwell Creek, Earnie’s Point, New Zealand point to sailing club and East Creek all providing consistent sport. Methods are the same as outlined above with small dries such as yellow owl CDC, shipmans and crippled midge coming into play with healthy evening rises occurring.

        As has been the case so far this season the water is still ‘gin clear’, it has been noticeable that dropping down to size 12 and 14 flies has certainly made a difference to catch rates for a lot of anglers. There will be a double stocking this week of 4500 rainbows to compliment the fantastic sport already on offer here at Rutland, the perfect opportunity to come and wet a line from bank or boat!

        Rutland Water Continued
        Fish stocked: 2,000.
        Tuesday night boat league 2021
        Rules again this season are, kill your first four fish, then catch and release four fish. Arrive at the lodge from 5.00pm onwards; boats leave the harbour at 6.00pm. We look forward to welcoming anglers back to this friendly event.
        Forthcoming events
        Tuesday Evening boat league – please ask at the lodge for more details
        Lake Challenge (Predator) 19 & 20 June
        Airflo Invitation Match 26 & 27 June
        England Qualifier 28 June
        EDFF (by invitation) 1 July
        Scierra Pairs Heat 12 July
        EFFA (by invitation) 21-22 July

        Grafham Water
        Fish week 1,472 Returns 140 Rod average 10.5
        Boat fishing at Grafham has never been so good! The slow ease into the warmer season has forced the fish out into deeper water, the usual weed and food stuffs that we would expect close in has not yet appeared. Although the temperature has been cold, when the sun has been shining and the wind speed has been agreeable drifting with a large flashy lure such as a humungus has been accounting for some fantastic sport. For the traditionalist try a buzzer on a dropper and fish static, this has been working well close in on the south shore by L buoy.
        There has been a definite drop in the quality of fishing for the bank angler, compared to last week the bank has become a hard slog. Anglers are still catching the odd fish from the harbour arms, however the dam and elsewhere has dramatically slowed.
        With a total of 1,472 fish caught this week we would estimate that at least 90% have been caught by the boat angler. One angler’s return had a total of 41 fish caught and released from on afternoon’s fishing, the biggest being a 5lb rainbow! It’s challenging work but well worth the outlay if you want to make the most of the great trout fishing at Grafham, so book a boat and get out there!
        Forthcoming events
        Tuesday Evening Boat League please ask at the lodge for more details
        Invicta Pilgrimage 27 & 28 May
        Scierra Pairs heat 30 May
        Perch mania 12 & 13 June

        Pitsford Water
        Fish week 1225 (Season 4,752) Returns 165 (649) Rod average 7.4(7.3)
        Pitford’s rod average for the week is 7.4. The fishing at Pitsford continues to be some of the best with over 1,200 fish caught for the week, most of which were returned.
        The big fish continue to show with the biggest Brown of the week, a superb 8lb 8oz specimen, being safely returned to the water.
        One boat pair caught and released over 40 fish with their best Brown reported at 7lb 3oz. Another of our regular anglers had a 6lb Brown in his catch of 14 fish. With reports of other anglers with 6lb Browns and boat pairs with 52 fish. One father and son took 15 fish between them with a 5lb Rainbow and another at 4lb 4oz.
        The most productive method is fishing buzzers or nymphs on floating to slow intermediate lines. Lures will work for the fish deeper down but dries are also worth trying when conditions improve. The Small Half of the water has come to life in the last week and is worth a look while in the Big Half, drifts in Stone Barn, Bog Bay and Brixworth Bay are all productive. A further 1,500 fish have been stocked taking the season total so far to 19,000.

        Best Rainbow: 5lb.

        Best Brown: 8lb 2oz.

        Best boat areas: Small Half, Narrows, Stone Barn, Brixworth Bay.

        Best bank areas: Gravels, Sermans, Northfields.
        Fish stocked: 1,500.

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