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        • Tuesday Night Boat Leagues start soon!
        Grafham 10 May
        Rutland 17 May

        • Massive match average of 11.47 at Rutland
        Greenwell Persuaders win Airflo heat

        Rutland Water 01780 686441; Grafham Water 01480 810531;
        Pitsford, Ravensthorpe & Hollowell 01604 781350,
        Taverham Mills Fishery 01603 861014; Alton Water 01473 589105
        Recreation Dept Anglian Water 01572 653021

        Rutland Water
        Rod average 6.54 (Season 6.17)
        Fish continue to be caught in many areas. The hot spots from the boat include North Arm – Dickensons Bay, Barnsdale steep bank, Barnsdale Bay, Willow Bay and the corner of Sykes Lane next to the Dam. In the South Arm – Yellowstones, Old Hall and the top of the arm in and around Hideaway.
        Weather conditions towards the end of last week saw the wind pick up but it didn’t put either anglers or the fish off, it was more about finding some shelter. Anglers have again enjoyed a week catching Browns from 5 to 7lb and some cracking silver bars.
        Best methods for the week were buzzers and nymphs on sink tip or floating lines but sinking lines with varying patterns also caught good numbers.
        Bank fishing (due to high wind and direction) saw lower numbers of anglers venturing out, but most caught around Stockie Bay, the Mound and Yellowstones.
        Congratulations to everyone who qualified for the Airflo Open at Rutland; the Greenwell Persuaders won on the day. It was a red letter day for all at Rutland with 688 fish caught on the day for a massive match average of 11.47. Well done to all the teams that entered – even the lowest placed team caught 61 fish on the day.
        Boats are now getting booked with limited numbers on some days and some are already fully booked due to the great sport we are enjoying, to avoid disappointment don’t delay – book your boats today.
        We have seen some quality fish this season with the best Rainbow coming in at 6lb 9oz and the best Brown so far weighing a whopping 11lb 8oz.
        Fish stocked: 2,167.

        Grafham Water
        Fish week 531 Returns 81 Rod average 6.6
        Grafham has been fishing well over the week. The rod average has risen slightly from 5.3 last week to 6.6 this week and will probably continue to rise over the coming weeks as the trout come on to the buzzer. There have been some great fish come out this week including a Rainbow at around 7lb, a few around 5lb and some good sized Browns.
        Bank angling has been fairly challenging recently, fading at around 8am on the dam and 10am in other areas. It does, however, pick up again in the afternoon, usually after 2pm. Especially on the points along the north shore (almost as though the fish are taking shortcuts across the bays). There have been varied results using all sorts of flies, with a few reports of people catching on shrimps, and buzzers, but hares ear seems to be doing very well, especially by the Stumps. From the boats intermediate lines are working well, but otherwise it seems to be personal preference with fish not being too fussy, going for all manner of flies. The fish are spooked very easily at the moment with the water being so clear so too much movement has deterred them from taking, avoid movement where possible. Cast out and let the fish come to you.
        Grafham’s popular Tuesday Night Boat League starts 10 May.
        Fish stocked: 1,500.

        Pitsford Water
        Fish week 143 (Season 2,250) Returns 37 (338) Rod average 3.9 (6.6)
        After last week’s rod average of 7 plus fish, this week the cooler, stronger easterly winds and less than ideal conditions have dropped the average down to 3.9.
        Blobs and buzzers are still accounting for a lot of the fish, however, it may be worth substituting your buzzer for a diawl bach or muskins if you are struggling for takes. Fab/bob wise tequila seems to be the colour they want at the moment.
        We recently stocked the small half of the reservoir so some anglers are having success fishing for these. Other hot spots include the Pines, the Sailing Club, Bog Bay and Pigstream and the big half side of the Causeway. With fish being caught relatively close in, but often better fish just holding off in deeper water.
        We recently put in a stocking of Browns and these are well on the feed, so we would advise not sitting on these if you can help it, after we had a couple of reports of 20 plus of these Browns caught by a single angler.
        The outlook for the week is for the winds to turn westerly by the weekend, so hopefully this will see the sport take off again, the water is clear and there are some good hatches about, so we should be in for some good fishing in the days ahead.
        Best Brown: 5lb 6oz.
        Forthcoming events: Beginners courses 6 & 28 May. Call 01604 781350 for information.

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