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        Latest News and Information from

        Week ending 18 July 2021

        • GWFFA celebrates 40th anniversary in style
        Grafham Water Flyfishers mark their club’s Ruby birthday with a match and barbecue

        Rutland Water 01780 686441; Grafham Water 01480 810531;
        Pitsford, Ravensthorpe & Hollowell 01604 781350,
        Taverham Mills Fishery 01603 861014; Alton Water 01473 589105
        Recreation Dept Anglian Water 01572 653021

        Rutland Water
        Rod average 4.02
        The hot weather has slowed down the sport a little and fewer anglers have ventured out. 153 Returns recorded 616 fish for a rod average of 4.02.
        Boat anglers have enjoyed the best action in the main basin (not all around the aerators). Some found fish drifting off the dam buoys when the wind was in a northerly direction.
        Bank fishing has been very interesting with some excitement, despite the hot conditions. Fish are showing really close in with some feeding in less than a few feet of water. Fish are feeding on shrimp, snails and this year’s fry with one or two feeding on damsel nymphs. Dry fly tactics are accounting for a good majority of fish with a mix of this year’s stock fish and Rainbows in the 3-4lb bracket being taken. Fish dries, orange, claret, red, hares ear and nymphs, with fry patterns now worth a try as the fry are now 1½ to 2¼ inches long. Good tactics for the fish in shallow water is to avoid wading when possible. Fish are being found along Sykes Lane to Whitwell front, the Normanton bank, Sailing Club right round to New Zealand Point, the Green Bank, Old Hall Point (and bay). Travel light and cover more water.
        Many areas, boat angler wise (other than the main basin), will be dependent on the wind direction ie fish up wind to find the clearer, cooler water.
        The best tactics for boat anglers are to fish lures large (tubes), small blobs, fabs, with nymphs, diawl bach, cruchers etc and various sinking lines.
        Tuesday night boat league 2021
        Week 10
        13 anglers entered week 10 of the Tuesday Night Boat League and recorded 20 fish. The best fish on the night was a 3lb 15oz Brown. The top four anglers in the league have now amassed more than 40 points apiece with only 4 points dividing the current leader and second place.

        Forthcoming events
        Tuesday Evening boat league – please ask at the lodge for more details
        EFFA (by invitation) 21-22 July

        Grafham Water
        Rod average 3.8
        Grafham continues to be a challenge with the hot sunny weather we have had this week. Boat anglers are still having the best of the action with the bank anglers struggling during the day.

        Early and late is the best time for the bank anglers with fish moving out into deeper, cooler water during the day. The evenings have seen fish rising at the south end of the dam as they slowly move in to feed. Hoppers and small nymphs, crunchers and muskins are working from both bank and boat.
        Best boat areas are out in the open water particularly between P and B buoy. Washing line seems to be the best method at the moment with a fab and small nymphs. The boils and inlet will also continue to attract feeding fish but remember not to anchor on them and to allow other anglers to drift into the killing zones.
        The Tuesday evening boat league went well with a rod average of 4 plus.
        GWFFA 40th Anniversary Day on Sunday 18th July at Grafham Water
        Despite the heat and the bright unbroken sunshine 30 GWFFA members took to the water to celebrate 40 years as a club. The event was a catch and release floating line competition from 9am to 2.30pm. Despite the conditions, fish were caught and were found high up in the water column. Most anglers headed to P and B buoy.
        The method of the day was to fish a washing line with a fab on the point and two small nymphs such as a black cruncher, black diawl bachs, black muskins and good old PTN. One intrepid angler used a gold bead blue flash damsel to fish deeper and took three fish quickly on that method. The fish are still feeding on hatching buzzer but also daphnia. The best recorded fish was a rainbow of 3lb 2oz. 65 fish were caught with a rod average of 2.17. The top two anglers recorded 6 fish apiece with five fish going to both the third and fourth placed. The club held a BBQ after the match. A very big thanks to the AW Grafham rangers and staff who helped make the day a real success.

        Pitsford Water
        Fish week 152 (Season 7,794) Returns 47 (1,214) Rod average 3.2 (6.4)
        The hot weather conditions have contributed to a tricky week for many anglers on Pitsford this week.
        It seems as if the fish are only feeding very sporadically and if you happen to be in the right area at the right time you can catch. This has been evident with anglers who have fished the Brixworth Bay area. Some have come away from this area without any success while a boat can go there an hour later and get lots of action.
        The best method still remains floating or neutral density lines and nymphs fished washing line style with rod holographic diawl bach, black diawl bach and muskins all taking good fish.
        There are sill lots of fish around the main basin and dam but they seem to be at vastly varying depths. The boils has attracted lots of boats again with varying degrees of success.
        Fish stocked 2,000

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