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        • Grafham & Ravensthorpe 5 plus fish per rod

        • Fantastic dry fly sport at Rutland

        • Fishing Lodge opening times extended
        Lodges open 8am-5pm every day from 1 August

        Rutland Water 01780 686441; Grafham Water 01480 810531;
        Pitsford, Ravensthorpe & Hollowell 01604 781350,
        Taverham Mills Fishery 01603 861014; Alton Water 01473 589105
        Recreation Dept Anglian Water 01572 653021

        Rutland Water
        Fish 503 (Season 6,206) Returns 125 (1,166) Rod average 4.02 (5.32)
        Another consistent week here at Rutland with the North arm being the star of the show with some fantastic dry fly sport on offer for anglers from the bank or boat.

        The weed beds at the transformer, Tim Appleton’s, Burley Reaches and Dickinson’s Bay have seen vast numbers of 3lb plus Rainbows picking off snails, shrimp and corixa. Dries have been the favoured approach with a suspender hare’s ear being the pick of the patterns. A single fly approach is advised due to the weed beds and how hard these fish are fighting; many anglers are reporting seeing plenty of backing through the rings. Bank anglers have been using the same tactics with fish moving very close in of an evening.

        The sport round the weed beds has not been limited to the North arm with anglers venturing up the South Arm reporting good sport to the same tactics. It is worth remembering these resident fish don’t take kindly to too much boat pressure and often the best approach is to keep altering the drift to cover the water effectively. Fish have been taken from Armley Wood to Barnhill Creek with long drifts and washing line tactics and also from Cardiac Hill to the Mound. The fish are well spread and can be in open water so it is advisable to thoroughly work those drifts moving out into open water.

        As to be expected the boils continue to produce plenty of sport for anglers with a number of limits being taken. Various lines have been used with lures predominantly used such as snakes and humungus. For anglers fishing the ‘slicks’ in the main basin it has become apparent that dark nymphs have come into play now; that isn’t to say that bright FABS/Blobs haven’t accounted for fish, but those more subtle flies have definitely become essential to induce solid takes.

        Other areas that have provided good sport are Sailing Club Bay to New Zealand Point, Blue Pipes and Whitwell frontage. In general fish have remained high in the water with floaters and tip lines being the favourite for loch style anglers this week. Rudder anglers have had plenty of sport from the open water with Di3 being popular, showing how high the fish are, wind strength dependant of course. As has been the case for the last few weeks, Snail, Shrimp, corixa and daphnia are most certainly still on the menu for the trout.

        Don’t forget our sunset ticket option for an evening on the bank – £12 (1fish+c&r) from 6pm. Available from the ranger’s office (cash only).

        Beginners Courses: 1,16,22 & 30 August; 4,6,12,20 & 23 September and other dates throughout the season. Please call lodge on 01780 686441.

        Grafham Water
        Fish 485 Returns 94 Rod average 5.16
        Grafham Water continues to fish well with both boat and bank anglers cashing in on trout feeding hard on the migrating snails as well as some better fish coming to fry patterns.

        The best boat areas are the mouth of Savages along Sanctuary Bank all the way along to Hill Farm and Pig Bay. With the fish high in the water cruising above the weedbeds, long quiet drifts along the weedbeds fishing dries or a washing line have scored well. Gaynes Cove continues to produce to similar methods with long drifts along the weedbeds along to A buoy at the south end of the dam which has been a bit of a hotspot. Blue flash damsels are a good alternative as they work as damsels and as a fry pattern. If the boils are on, pulling black or pink snakes on a Di3 orDi5 will also work.

        The best bank areas continue to be the Dam for a full day session or Plummers and G mark early and late. Dries work well early and late and the washing line works throughout the day. If the fish are not playing ball with the washing line then take the booby or fab off the point and try a damsel or fry pattern and speed up the retrieve.

        As ever news of predator catches remains sketchy but there are plenty of boat bookings so they must be doing well. G mark will always produce good Perch as will the area in front of the harbour. Best Zander areas are the usual suspects with the two towers, L buoy and the area in front of the Sailing Club and the Seat still producing. We have had no news on Pike catches!

        Beginners Courses: 9,15,21 & 29 August; 13,18 & 24 September and other dates throughout the season. Please call lodge on 01480 810531.

        Pitsford Water
        Fish 306 (Season 4,667) Returns 63 (710) Rod average 4.8 (6.6)
        Pitsford continues its good run of form, finishing this week strongly following strong winds and rain helping to keep the water temperature under control and of course assisting with water clarity.

        Most of the action is in the main basin, with most of the boat anglers deciding to spend the day there, performing long drifts off the dam and around the boils. Here, in the right conditions, double figure bags of fish are being caught. Fish are generally very high in the water and conditions on the day will determine your tactics; usually either dries, or a shallow washing line. If the wind is a bit too strong for dries or nymphs, then pulling fabs through the surface layers can be deadly on either a floater, tip, or slow glass / hover line and you’ll get plenty of bow-waving fish chasing! When fishing washing line, nymph wise crunchers and Diawls still seem to be the go to flies.

        Bank anglers are having better sport in the mornings and evenings, but in the right conditions it is possible to catch through the day, although as it is July the boats are catching more as you would expect. It’s worth trying the flats, around Rigbys, but we have also had reports of fish caught from the Gravels and Stone barn.

        Picking your day is crucial, overcast days with a good blow and you could be in for a great day, particularly off the back of a wet and windy day. However, we do have some warmer, brighter days forecast, so hopefully this won’t impact on the great sport we have been having too much. Even though we are in July boats are often fully booked, particularly at weekends, so please do book in advance!

        Best boat areas: Main basin.

        Best bank areas: Flats, gravels.

        Beginners Courses: 2,8,14,23 & 28 August; 10 & 19 September and other dates throughout the season. Please call 01780 686441.

        Ravensthorpe Water
        Fish 151 (Season 2,820) Returns 29(359) Rod average 5.2(7.8)
        The fishing has been slightly more challenging at times here at Ravensthorpe. Anglers have still had productive days with dries still proving a favourite. The far end of the reservoir is fishing well. Where it has not been so favourable on dries anglers have found the washing line has worked well with fabs, diawl bachs and buzzers working for some on harder days.

        The bank is looking productive with one of our regular anglers enjoying a good morning catching five. The vegetation is clearing slightly around some platforms but is still chaining for some.

        Best Rainbow: 4lb 8oz.

        Best boat areas: Coton end, far end.

        Best Bank areas: Platforms, first point 4 on.

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