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      Latest News and Information from

      Week ending 5 July 2020

      • 11lb 8oz Rainbow is best fish of the week at Ravensthorpe

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      Rutland Water 01780 686441; Grafham Water 01480 810531;
      Pitsford, Ravensthorpe & Hollowell 01604 781350,
      Taverham Mills Fishery 01603 861014; Alton Water 01473 589105
      Recreation Dept Anglian Water 01572 653021

      Rutland Water
      Fish 1,128(Season 4,066) Returns 138 (733) Rod average 8.17(5.54)
      Rutland Water has been in tremendous form this week with the South Arm providing anglers with exceptional sport on the boats. There are vast numbers of fish in many areas in the South from Sailing Club Bay across to Spud Bay, Yellowstone, New Zealand Point, Gibbets Gorse, Manton bay, Cattle trough bay and in open water round Browns Island.

      Dries have produced plenty of fish this week on those days with light winds resulting in spectacular sport. Patterns wise, sugar cube, hares ear, shipmans, midas and big red have all taken a lot of fish. It is a good idea to fish long drifts as there are a lot of fish in open water and although you might not see fish ‘moving’ they are high in the water and will often engulf a well presented dry seemingly out of nowhere. With the fish in general being high in the water a simple washing line set up has also accounted for large bags of fish. A FAB on the point, GRHE, red holo, diawl bach or black nymphs are as good a starting point as any, with a couple of sharp pulls to create some disturbance before settling into a steady figure of eight retrieve. Shrimp, pin fry and snails are all featuring heavily on the menu for the trout at the moment, showing why patterns such as GRHE are working so well.

      The overall stamp of fish is tremendous with a high proportion in the 3 – 4lb class with numerous rainbows over 5lb recorded and giving a great account of themselves. Plenty of backing has seen the light of day for many anglers this week!

      As we move into July it is no surprise that fish are holding in open water and ‘off the banks’ with a good starting point being 80 – 100 yards off the bank whichever area you decide to target.

      The main basin has also produced for anglers fishing long drifts in the slicks created by the boils; again a washing line set up has been a good choice or di3 for pulling tactics with blobs/boobies. There are also plenty of fish on the boils, with di3 and snake patterns a good starting point. Rudder anglers have recorded numerous limits on those days with more breeze, di3/5 the most consistent lines with tube and snake patterns. Good numbers of browns in the 5 – 8lb class have fallen to those anglers fishing fry patterns such as humungus this week, generally on sinking lines such as di5.

      Early and late sessions are the way to go if fishing the bank, there have been good hatches of sedge of an evening with rainbows venturing in range late in the evening. Ernies point, Sailing Club Bay, New Zealand Point and Old Hall Bay have seen fish taken from the bank. Hares ear, diawl bach and dries would be the go-to patterns.

      Don’t forget our sunset ticket option for an evening on the bank – £12 (1fish+c&r) from 6pm. Available from the ranger’s office (cash only).
      Please remember that all catch returns must be submitted at the end of the day (Day ticket holders) or week (season ticket holders – freepost address in your season book to post returns including “did not fish”
      Rutland Water continued

      weeks), or email to [email protected] It’s important to record which fishery you visited as well as details of fish caught.

      Beginners Courses: 11,14 & 26 July; 1,16,22 & 30 August and other dates throughout the season. Please call lodge on 01780 686441.

      Grafham Water
      Fish 344 Returns 54 Rod average 6.3
      Despite challenging conditions Grafham has continued to produce good sport over the past week. There have been lots of bumper catches taken from most areas of the lake to many different methods. Diawl bachs continue to produce the better fish, but hoppers and dry flies have also started to catch fish, particularly in the early evening.
      The West Bay to the left of the pontoon has fished very well as has Gaynes Cove and the Seat. One Angler fishing the West Bay bagged up by 11am and reported pretty much a bite a chuck all on red diawl bachs.

      Bank fishing seems to have slowed down a bit but this is probably due to high winds making it difficult to reach the fish. However, one angler decided to fish static shrimp into the wind at G buoy and was rewarded with 8 cracking fish in a short amount of time. There have been some notable captures over the past week including a 7lb 2oz brown taken on a pink booby.
      If you are planning a visit any time soon we recommend talking to a ranger upon your arrival to pick up the latest info regarding best spots and methods as the strong winds are moving the fish about on a daily basis.

      The rod average for this week is a very respectable 6.3 and we would expect this to remain at a similar level over the coming weeks.

      Best Rainbow: 5lb 12oz.

      Best Brown: 7lb 2oz.

      Best boat areas: West Bay.

      Best Bank areas: North shore/the Seat

      Beginners Courses: 10,16 & 31 July; 9,15,21 & 29 August and other dates throughout the season. Please call lodge on 01480 810531.

      Pitsford Water
      Fish 768 (Season 3,332) Returns 138 (507) Rod average 5.6(6.6)
      The rod average for the week at Pitsford Water is 5.6 with the changeable weather conditions influencing the fishing.

      The bank fishing has slowed slightly, but fish are still being caught on dries or washing line tactics with nymphs or buzzers. The best areas are Gravels, Sermons and North Farm Bay.

      Boat anglers are finding the fishing easier with the majority of fish being taken out in the open water in the main basin. These are much better fish with many reported in the 4lb plus bracket. Tactics for the boats have been varied, from dries or nymphs on floating lines to tubes and snakes on DIY.

      Blobs, FABs and boobies suspending nymphs or buzzers on floating or tip lines seem the most consistent method and long drifts from the dam out into open water have been most productive.

      Beginners Courses: 12,17 & 25 July; 2,8,14,23 & 28 August and other dates throughout the season. Please call 01780 686441.

      Ravensthorpe Water
      Fish 374 (Season 2,024) Returns 40 (218) Rod average 9.3 (9.2)
      Another excellent week at Ravensthorpe with many anglers catching 15 to 20 fish. Our rod average for the week is 9.3 and the best Rainbow of the week was a superb fish of 11lb 8oz taken on a dry.

      The fish are feeding in the top foot of the water so washing line or dries have been working well. Damsel nymphs and small hares ear have also proved effective.

      Best Rainbow: 11lb 8oz.

      Best boat areas: All over.

      Best Bank areas: Dam and platforms.

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