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      Latest News and Information from

      Week ending 24 June 2018

      • 5lb 4oz Brown is the biggest fish of the week at Grafham Water

      • Latest news from Pitsford including results of Mid Northants FF Julian Davies Memorial Pairs Match

      Rutland Water 01780 686441; Grafham Water 01480 810531;
      Pitsford, Ravensthorpe & Hollowell 01604 781350,
      Taverham Mills Fishery 01603 861014; Alton Water 01473 589105
      Recreation Dept Anglian Water 01572 653021

      Rutland Water
      Rod average 2.71
      It’s been a challenging week for anglers here at Rutland Water. Plenty of fish are moving in many areas but they are somewhat pre occupied on the copious amounts of this year’s pin fry. Dries, skinny nymphs such as ptn’s and diawl bach have all accounted for these tricky feeders during the week.

      Fish can still be found close in to the bank of an evening with the late evening providing some exciting fishing for the pin fry feeders, Ernie’s Point, Stocky Bay and Blue Pipes to Fantasy are holding vast numbers of fish and these can be seen feeding hard. Good numbers of sedge are also being seen in the evening, giving the trout something else to feed on in the surface layers with a sedge pattern well worth a swim.

      Rutland’s infamous ‘boils’ were switched on late last week and these are already producing fish given the hot and bright weather we are experiencing. Lures and blobs have been the way to go with it being important to change lines to find the depth at which the fish want the flies, intermediates to Di7’s have been employed. With the prospects of more hot and bright weather this week expect the boils to be the go to area and the ‘slicks’ created off them are well worth a look with nymphs as any food items get drawn to the surface and spread away from the aerator.

      Competition news
      Anglian Water Over 50’s Match 23 June
      Congratulations to Alan Stern and Nigel Angus for winning this match for the third consecutive year. The pair landed 16 fish for 33lb 7oz in tough hot conditions. Their best fish weighed 2lb 9oz.

      Tuesday Night boat League week 7
      Rich Cooper clawed back some more points, winning the night with five fish. Chris Evans and Adi Humphries were second and third respectively.
      Keith Jones tops the league with 63 points, second is Rich Cooper with 48 points and Chris Evans is in third with 22 points. The biggest fish on the night, winning a free mid week boat, was caught by a very happy Rob Teasdale.

      Army and Corps Championships
      42 Army anglers fished across two days at Rutland Water last week, achieving a 3.2 rod average in tough conditions. Congratulations to the following winners
      Army Champion – Capt Paul Calvert of the Royal Signals
      Corps Champions – Royal Signals.
      Associate Champion – Eric Caisley.
      Best newcomer – Cpl Mike Ward.

      Rutland Water continued

      Best boat areas: Main basin.

      Best bank areas: Ernies Point, Stockie Bay, Blue Pipes – Fantasy, Spud Bay.

      Fish stocked: 2,000.

      Forthcoming events
      Tuesday Evening boat league Call lodge for details 01780 686441
      Fly fishing for Pike 16 May to 31 January 2019
      EDFF 4 July by invitation
      EFFA 5 July by invitation
      AWAI North of England Final 16 July by qualification
      Anglian Water 4 man Loch Style 8 August
      WaterAid 13 September

      Beginners courses: 30 June; 8,15 & 21 July; 5,11 & 26 August and other dates throughout the season.
      Boat handling courses: 6,12 & 18 July; 1 August.

      Grafham Water
      Fish 507 (season 7,619) Returns 120 (1,458) Rod average 4.2(5.23)
      The biggest fish of the week at Grafham was a 5lb 4oz Brownie which was caught and safely released by Malcolm Greman. James Sturt also netted Browns of 5lb and 4lb and a 4lb Rainbow. Several 4lb Rainbows and Browns were noted in the returns.

      Bank fishing this week has been most productive in the morning and evening especially off the dam where shrimp have been showing. Weighted gold head GRHE’s with a diawl bach on the dropper have been working well. Other spots on the bank are G buoy, Marlow Jetty, Deep Water Point and Pylon Point. These are worth trying again with GRHE and diawl bach combinations if the dam area is coloured again. Sedge have been hatching in the evening so dries are a possibility later on.

      Boat anglers have found fish showing to hoppers, big reds and crippled midges towards the middle of the lake. Gaynes Cove is holding some bigger fish when the water isn’t so coloured. Fish continue to show all along the north shore to a washing line with FAB or boobies on the point and crunchers on the droppers. There are snail and pin fry feeders at work in many areas of the lake too. In hot, sunny conditions try blobs on Di3 and Di5’s.

      Competition news
      The National Anguilla Club will be holding their annual visit to Grafham Water on a weekend at the end of June to night fish for the specimen eels. Last year 6 eels were caught up to 8lb. The club has a history of being one of the longest specimen groups running. Whilst at Grafham they will be
      • Fishing out of normal open hours.
      • Bait boats will not be allowed.
      • Only barbless hooks permitted..
      • Last year two trout only were caught – we will publish results following this match.

      Best Brown: 5lb 4oz taken by Malcolm Greman.
      Mid week boat winner: James Deacon of Huntingdon.
      Forthcoming events
      Fly fishing for Pike 16 May to 31 January 2019
      AWAI Southern final 9 July
      AWAI Midland final 23 July
      Beginners courses 1,7,20 & 26 July; 4, 10 & 25 August and other dates throughout the season
      Boat handling courses 3 & 25 July and 7 August.

      Pitsford Water
      Fish 291 (season 4,547) Returns 70 (1,031) Rod average 4.15 (4.4)
      Pitsford Water is continuing to produce quality fish even in the hot conditions. The weekly rod average is a healthy 4.15 and again lots of top quality fit grown on fish are being caught with many in the 3-4lb bracket.
      The bank fishing is improving with fish coming into the margins on Gravels, Sermans and Gorse Bank. Bob Collins has had a good week from the bank with 20plus fish from his visits.

      John Archer had a red letter day catching a Brown of 4lb 5oz and a 3lb 12oz Rainbow, as well as returning a further 8 Rainbows and a 4lb Brown.

      On Sunday Mid Northants Fly Fishers held their annual Julian Davies Memorial Pairs Boat Competition. 26 anglers competed, fishing to a five fish kill limit. 92 fish were caught for a rod average of 3.5. The top pair of Charlie Watts and Chris Scott won with a combined weight of 25lb 15oz for their 10 fish. Second place went to Grant Gibson and Ashley Cooper with 10 fish for 20lb 14oz. Pip Jeffs and John Mills were third with 10 fish for 20b 10oz. The prize for best fish was won by John Mills with a 3lb 8oz Rainbow. (Charlie Watts had a 4lb 7oz Brown and a 4lb 1oz Rainbow – part of his winning bag). Best methods were nymphs on fast glass lines with red crunchers or diawl bachs working well.

      Midweek boat winner: S Tompkin

      Fish stocked: 2,800.

      Forthcoming events
      Mid-Northants Flyfishers offer taster/introduction sessions at Pitsford Water once a month – next session is Saturday 30 June 2-5pm
      Fly fishing for Pike 16 May to 31 January 2019
      Predator Lure fishing 16 May to 31 January 2019
      Beginners courses: 29 June; 14,22 & 28 July; 12,24 & 28 August. and other dates throughout the season.
      Boat handling courses: 2,11 & 24 July

      Ravensthorpe Reservoir
      Fish 114(season 3,730) Returns 25 (6,849) Rod average 4.6 (5.4)
      The week at Ravensthorpe began a little tough, however by mid week the fishing had picked up. Fish are taking dries and nymphs with Ray Harnwell and Martin having 15 fish to the boat. This trend continued throughout the middle of the week, with even the bank starting to liven up with hares ears and damsels working well on the west side near the Causeway.
      Near the end of the week fishing became a bit harder but with damsels, sedge patterns, olive nymphs and bobs bits working.

      Best boat areas: Island and in front of Coton Car Park.

      Best bank areas: West side, Platforms from lodge to Coton Causeway.

      Midweek boat winner: James Cavanagh.

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