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      Latest News and Information from

      Week ending 7 June 2020

      • Fantastic sport at all four of our fisheries

      Rutland Water 01780 686441; Grafham Water 01480 810531;
      Pitsford, Ravensthorpe & Hollowell 01604 781350,
      Taverham Mills Fishery 01603 861014; Alton Water 01473 589105
      Recreation Dept Anglian Water 01572 653021

      We were delighted to re-open all of our waters to anglers on Tuesday 2nd June. Our fisheries team is available 8am to 3pm, 7 days a week, to take bookings for the coming months. In order to maintain social distancing and cut down on the amount of traffic in the lodges all boats booked need to be paid for at the point of booking. We will still be accepting ‘walk-ins’ for boat fishing but strongly suggest you book in advance by calling our lodges to avoid disappointment.

      Please go to our website to read more about our current fishing guidelines

      Pro rata season tickets are also available – please ask at the fishing lodges.

      Rutland Water
      Rutland came out of lockdown in spectacular fashion last week with large numbers of exceptional quality fish showing from many different areas of the reservoir. Bank anglers have reported catching from various areas from Dickenson’s Bay in the North Arm all the way to New Zealand Point in the South Arm, not to mention Old Hall, Yellowstone, Spud Bay and Barnhill on the peninsula! Boat anglers have found large quantities of fish in open water too with Normanton Bank, corner of Sykes Lane, 10-11 buoy, and K buoy all producing bumper catches. The fish have been high in the water from both bank and boat, in many cases only a floater required! Rutland’s specimen browns have also come to the party with the stand out brown this week being Toff Crowther’s stunning 10lb 8oz specimen taken on sunk line tactics from the North Arm.

      We’ve had many fantastic reports this week from anglers.

      Best areas from the bank – The monument at Sykes Lane to Whitwell Creek, The Dam, Green Bank, Old Hall, Yellowstone and Spud bay. A simple washing line set up with bright FAB on the point and Hares ear up the cast is a great starting point. Buzzers and nymphs such as diawl bach and crunchers have also scored, especially when fished static producing arm wrenching takes. Dries have also scored with suspender hares ear and big red featuring.

      Best areas from the boat – Normanton Bank, open water, corner of the dam at Sykes Lane to the monument; 10+11 buoy; K/L buoy (Hambleton wood). Tactics wise very similar to the bank or pulling tactics will see plenty of fish bow waving after your flies!

      Grafham Water
      Grafham re-opened with a bang and a rod average for the first few days of 12.8.

      The enforced rest has done the Grafham trout no harm at all with the fish in fantastic nick – fully silvered up with tails like shovels and fighting well above their weight with even 2lb fish often taking you to the backing. Lots of the fish are in the 3.5lb to 4.5lb bracket with a sprinkling of 5lb to 6lb fish. It’s difficult to find an area without fish from either bank or boat. The rod average of 12.8 reported for the first few days is probably an under estimate of the fantastic sport on offer.

      Best bank areas are all the points along the North Shore with Hedge End producing some bigger fish and Deep Water Point and G Point producing the bigger numbers. The harbour arms and the jetty at Marlow are all producing and the Dam fishes consistently well throughout the day with the occasional bigger fish (5lb plus) in amongst them. With the winds set firmly in the north all week we haven’t had any reports of fishing on the south shore.

      Best boat areas are again all along the North Shore from the Stumps to the Willows, particularly all the headlands and casting in towards the stone Gabions. We have had some cricket scores reported from these areas with 30 to 40 fish not uncommon. For a quieter time try dries in the mouth of savages where one angler reported over 20 fish to a sedge pattern.

      Best methods – pretty much whatever technique you prefer. One evening last week a row of anglers at G point all caught fish with various methods – some pulling on Di3, some twiddling nymphs and buzzer, some using the bung, all the way up to big daddies.

      In short ‘get yourself to Grafham’ while the fishing is so exceptional…..

      The Fly Predator anglers have been cashing in as well particularly for the Zander, anglers are reporting large numbers in the 6lb to 8lb range often with over 10 being caught in a session. We have had no reports of any large pike (they tend not to get reported to us) but a few 3lb plus Perch have been caught.
      Best predator areas – L Buoy to Littless Creek, in front of the Lodge/ Harbour and at G mark, as well as the usual towers!

      Pitsford Water
      The long awaited re-opening of Pitsford Water has seen without doubt some of the best fishing in memory. 16,000 fish have been stocked to date. Not even the hot weather has deterred fishing.

      The first few days saw an estimated rod average well into double figures with both bank and boat anglers reporting catches into the 30’s and 40’s from all areas of the lake.

      The best methods have been imitative tactics with nymphs and buzzers and dries though the lures have still taken fish.

      With two months of feeding on the buzzer, damsel and shrimp these fish are fighting fit 3lb plus bars of silver and are making incredible runs with anglers regularly being taken down to the backing from 3lb fish. Strong leader and tackle is being tested with these fish.

      The best Rainbow of the week weighed 6lb 8oz and was taken on a cruncher pattern. Numbers of fish in the 4-5lb range have been reported.

      The best areas are Cliffs, Sailing Club, Gorse, Gravels and Duffers.

      Ravensthorpe Reservoir

      Anglers enjoyed a brilliant restart to the season at Ravensthorpe with some big bags of fish and a rod average of 13.7 for the first 5 days. The biggest fish was a 8lb 14oz Rainbow which fell for an orange blob.
      Boat anglers are enjoying great sport in all areas and bank anglers are finding plenty of fish from on the dam and any of the platforms.

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