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        Latest News and Information from

        Week ending 27 March 2022

        • Great sport at Rutland with a rod average of 8.3

        • 9.7 rod average at Ravensthorpe

        • Quality fish across the board

        Rutland Water 01780 686441; Grafham Water 01480 810531;
        Pitsford, Ravensthorpe & Hollowell 01604 781350,
        Taverham Mills Fishery 01603 861014; Alton Water 01473 589105
        Recreation Dept Anglian Water 01572 653021

        Rutland Water
        Fish week 2,158 (Season 2,363) Returns 260 (304) Rod average 8.3 (7.77)
        Despite the unseasonably warm weather, Rutland continues to provide good sport. The long-awaited buzzer hatches have brought the fish alive and with it the excitement from the anglers. Rainbows have certainly woken up with plenty of quality fish for bank and boat anglers. A very healthy rod average of 8.3 for the week.
        One of the best fish of the week fell to Roger Oliver. Roger took a spectacular 6lb 9oz specimen with a size 12 buzzer.
        Boat anglers have been focussing their attention around Barnsdale Creek and Dickenson’s Bay, but the mouth of Whitwell Creek, Normanton bank and outside East Creek, Old Hall flats to Yellowstone have also provided fish. Best tactics for boat anglers are midge tips with buzzers with a lure or FAB on the point or sinking lines with lures and cormorants.
        Bank anglers are finding fish in Whitwell Creek, The Mound, Normanton Bank, East Creek and also Old Hall Bay to Yellowstone. Best bank tactics include floating lines with nymphs as fish have been noted to be quite high in the water in many places. Bloodworms have also been popular too.
        At the time of writing a shift in the weather will be bringing colder and wetter conditions so a change of tactics may be in order.
        Winter Restrictions continue until 31 March, from 1 April restrictions will be lifted and the full fleet of boats will be available. For further information please enquire at the lodge or have a look on the website where you will find details and maps indicating out of bounds areas.
        Fish stocked: 2,500.

        Grafham Water
        Rod average for the week 3.95
        After a steady start to the season Grafham has started to pick up and there’s some fantastic sport to be had. This was proven when the Scierra Pairs was staged on Sunday 20 March. The event was very well supported with anglers coming from far and wide. 60 anglers took to the water to commence fishing at 10.00 with the first boat being back in at 11.25 with sixteen quality fish to the boat. In all over 300 fish were caught for a rod average of 5.2.
        Bank fishing has been erratic, fish are being caught off the Dam first thing, then once the Dam closes at 09.00 the fish have been found at Plummers, the Willows, G Buoy and Pylon Point.
        The water is gin clear which could be a reason why the fish disperse once the general public arrive at Grafham. The tactics have been varied, from fishing a static line under a bung using buzzers and blood worm imitations, to stripping snakes, to presenting a Pitsford Pea, varying the depth until the fish are found.
        The clocks sprang forward on Sunday and it’s April on Friday so Spring is well and truly here, which only means one thing – masses of buzzer hatches, so take time out, book a boat and come and have a fantastic experience here at Grafham.

        Pitsford Water
        Fish week 226 (Season 386) Returns 43(85) Rod average 5.3 (4.5)
        A week of two contrasting halves at Pitsford. Fishing from Monday through to Thursday was tough, largely due to the rain that fell on Wednesday which caused the reservoir to rise overnight and added significant colour to the water. Despite buzzers hatching off, fish taking shucks off and the surface water temperature in the top layers at around 9 degrees, the fishing was slow and 4 fish constituted a good day. However, it was clear that the colour was dropping out as the week progressed and on Friday it was like a switch had been thrown as bank and boat anglers started reporting a much improved catch rate.
        With fish feeding hard along the north shore from Stilton to Brixworth Bay bank and boat anglers started to get into double figures with washing line tactics on a floater or midge tip consistently picking up fish particularly in the afternoon and evening. Size 12 buzzers with a Fab on the point seemed to be the method, with candy reportedly the Fab colour of choice. If takes aren’t forthcoming on the buzzer, try diawl bachs or muskins. Although static presentation was working well, over the weekend a few anglers reported that a few pulls of the fab often provoked fish into taking a bite! Browns are currently sitting deeper than the Rainbows and often being caught with leeches on them, a sign that they are sitting deep, but as they are currently out of season they must be returned if caught before 1 April when the early season restrictions end.
        With the water level so high please take care when you pass through the causeway tunnel when boat fishing. Make sure your rods are well inside the boat and you approach at a sensible speed.
        From 1 April Browns are back in season and anglers can once again fish some of the ‘small half’ of the lake.
        Best Rainbow: 4½lb.
        Bets Brown: 5lb.
        Best boat areas: Stilton to Brixworth Bay. Rigbys, Pitsford Creek, Sailing Club.
        Best bank areas: As for boat.

        Ravensthorpe Water
        Fish week 499 (Season 1,067) Returns 51 (220) Rod average 9.7 (4.85)
        Anglers are enjoying terrific sport at Ravensthorpe with a rod average of 9.7 for the week. With the weather stabilising and the rain slowing down the water clarity has had time to settle and has improved. As a result anglers have been catching more fish as reflected in the healthy rod average for the week and with reports that the fish are fighting well and in good condition.
        The anglers have been mainly catching on buzzers, with several hatches seen across the water in the warmer weather. The fish have been deep in previous weeks, however, it appears they are moving up in the water, and are being caught at all depths.
        The best boat areas remain the Coton car park end and around the Island. The bank is still proving challenging for the few anglers who have given it a go.
        Best boat areas: Coton car park; Island.
        Best bank areas: Dam

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