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      Latest News and Information from

      Week ending 3 November 2019

      • Some superb specimen fish being taken plus boat prices now reduced

      • Don’t miss out on our fur & feather matches
      Grafham (bank) 24 November
      Rutland (bank) 1 December
      (Pitsford’s on 9 November is fully booked)

      Rutland Water 01780 686441; Grafham Water 01480 810531;
      Pitsford, Ravensthorpe & Hollowell 01604 781350,
      Taverham Mills Fishery 01603 861014; Alton Water 01473 589105
      Recreation Dept Anglian Water 01572 653021

      Rutland Water
      Fish 196 (Season 32,935) Returns 112 (7,509) Rod average 1.75(4.42)
      Specimen rainbows have shown this week to bank anglers with fry patterns taking these fine fish. The harbour at the fishing lodge has produced rainbows of 6lb 12oz and 6lb 8oz to anglers, these fish were in fantastic condition feasting on the roach fry that’s in abundance in the harbour. The angler recording the 6lb 8oz rainbow also recorded three others for a 15lb bag weight in a short session.

      As expected the harbour wall is still producing the goods with numerous anglers having good sport. A pair of Scottish anglers returned to Rutland for three days and had some fantastic sport with 27 browns and 5 rainbows between them, with the icing on the cake being a brown estimated at 10lb! They targeted the margins of the reservoir with Church Bay and the mouth of Whitwell Creek to Stocky Bay the most consistent areas. Popper minkies when there was some ripple scored, with minkies fished slowly when the wind dropped being the method.

      Fish have been seen moving consistently in the blue pipes area, sipping small buzzers on those calm days. Ernies Point is also holding plenty of fish and on the right wind it’s well worth fishing from the bank. Fly choice has remained focused on fry patterns for both boat and bank anglers – snakes, humungus, popper minkie and floating fry all recording superb quality rainbows and browns.

      Please note winter restrictions are now in force with restrictions for both bank and boat anglers, please ask the team at the lodge if you are unsure. Also brown trout are now out of season, please make sure all are returned to the water as soon as possible.

      Day boat prices are now reduced for the winter – the Winter boat is available from 9am to sunset £21, single man £15.

      Tackle shop opening hours are 8am to 2pm from 1 November.
      Don’t miss Rutland’s Fur and Feather bank match on Sunday 2 December. Call 01780 686441 for details.

      Best Rainbow – 6lb 12oz

      Forthcoming events
      Anglian Water Rudder Match 16 November
      Anglian Water Fur & Feather (bank) 1 December
      Beginners courses: 10 November; 8 December; 4 January 2020.

      Grafham Water
      Fish 542 (Season 15,020) Returns 96(3,379) Rod average 5.68 (4.44)
      Grafham Water continues to fish exceptionally well and with high standards of fish being brought to the net despite the mixed weather. The weekly rod average stands at an impressive 5.68 with reports of fin perfect fish putting on a real fight.

      The week started off well and anglers were continuously rewarded with fantastic fish from both the bank and boat. Bank anglers have noticed that the dam has slowed down slightly as it seems the fish have moved more towards the shore. This has been evident with the increase and high number of fish being caught by the Willows on the north bank, Plummers car park and also west bank just outside the Harbour.

      The size of the fish coming out continues to be impressive with a large proportion of fish regularly weighing in at over 3lb. Fry, shrimp patterns and snakes have seen some of the best results this week.

      We are seeing an unprecedented number of fry this year and this, along with the higher water levels, is probably contributing to some excellent predator fishing. If you are wanting to catch predators it would appear that Grafham is the place to be right now. The Zander are biting again after a slow period; the water level by the tower has risen slightly perhaps this has helped stir them into feeding? The Pike in Grafham are being caught regularly despite being hard fought for and we are seeing good fish of up to 20lb being reported every week.

      Hinckley Shield at Grafham 27th October
      Eight local teams each of 6 anglers enjoyed this bank match organised by Invicta FFC at Grafham with 8 reaching the 6 fish limit at different spots around the reservoir and 15 rods all netting a 3lb + fish with a rod average of 3.3
      Winning team was Elinor with 28 fish for 61lb ahead of Rutland Water Fly Fishers and Invicta.
      Invicta A team fielded the best individual rod with 6 cracking fish for 18lb 7oz and the biggest fish weighed 4lb 5oz and was caught by an angler fishing for Invicta B.

      This popular Sunday bank series starts again at Grafham on the 10 November with 5 more rounds on the 17 and 24 November , 8 December (possibly at Pitsford to be decided), 22 December and 12 January. Register at the Lodge before 09.30 and fish 10 – 3pm , 6 fish limit, Rules will be same as for the GWFFA club match on the 10th and Fur & Feather 24 November. so you can enter both. £2 entry fee and £8 optional pool for each day.

      Day boat prices are now reduced for the winter – the Winter boat is available from 9am to sunset £21, single man £15.

      Forthcoming events
      Anglian Water Fur & Feather (bank) 24 November
      Grafham Shrimpmasters bank series commence 10 November then 17 & 24 November; 8 December (possibly Pitsford tbc), 22 December; 12 January.
      Beginners courses: 9 November; 7 December; 5 January 2020.

      Pitsford Water
      Fish 242 Returns 56 Rod average 4.3
      Anglers have enjoyed another cracking week at Pitsford Water with a rod average of 4.3. The best Brown of the week weighed 6lb 8oz with lots of Rainbows between 4-5lb.

      Fish are being caught from both bank and boat from all areas of the water. Shrimp and fry are in abundance and any patterns fished to imitate these are doing well.

      From the bank floating lines are all that is needed and the best bank areas are Stone Barn, Gravels, Sermons, Rigbys and Sailing Club.

      Boat anglers are still finding fish high in the water with intermediate or glass lines best. The best boat areas are Sailing Club, Narrows and in the main basin.

      Best Brown: 6½lb.

      Day boat prices are now reduced for the winter – the Winter boat is available from 9am to sunset £21, single man £15.

      Forthcoming events
      Anglian Water Fur & Feather (boat) 9 November (fully booked)
      Beginners courses: 8 November.
      Boat handling courses: 6 November.

      Ravensthorpe Water
      Whilst it’s been a quiet week at Ravensthorpe, water levels are at near capacity and colder nights, there is hope that the water clarity will improve.
      Boats are available in the coming weeks.
      Day boat prices are now reduced for the winter – the Winter boat at Ravensthorpe is £19, single man £14.

      Ravensthorpe’s Fur and Feather boat match took place on Sunday in good weather. 18 anglers fished in nine boats for a rod average of 2.3. The winning boat pair weighed in 8 fish for 19lb with the runners up taking 7 fish for 15lb 8oz and third place recording 5 fish for 14lb 9oz. The best fish of the match weighed 3lb 9oz.

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