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      Latest News and Information from

      Week ending 19 July 2020

      • Great sport all round this week including a rod average of 8.7 at Pitsford

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      Pitsford, Ravensthorpe & Hollowell 01604 781350,
      Taverham Mills Fishery 01603 861014; Alton Water 01473 589105
      Recreation Dept Anglian Water 01572 653021

      Rutland Water
      Fish 599 (Season 5,703) Returns 151 (1,041) Rod average 3.96 (5.47)
      The weather has been variable this week with cloudy days, wet days, hot bright and sunny, cool and sunny, although this hasn’t put the fish off it does mean adapting to the conditions on the day. On the bright hot days di-8’s have been the line of choice but on the cooler days fish are nearer the top.

      The north arm has been attracting the specimen hunters particularly around the Tower, Dickensons Bay and Cardiac Hill areas. For those anglers going for quantity then head off towards the main basin either fishing the slicks around the boils or taking long drifts towards the dam if the wind allows.

      If the South Arm is where you want to be then head towards Green Bank, Old Hall and Yellowstone or on the opposite shore New Zealand Point and Sailing Club.

      Over the weekend there have been reports of more than 50 fish being caught from the bank weighing up to 5lb.

      Best flies to try: Dabblers, Cormorants, Diawl Bach’s, popper fry and black snakes.

      Don’t forget our sunset ticket option for an evening on the bank – £12 (1fish+c&r) from 6pm. Available from the ranger’s office (cash only).

      Beginners Courses: 26 July; 1,16,22 & 30 August; 4,6,12,20 & 23 September and other dates throughout the season. Please call lodge on 01780 686441.

      Grafham Water
      Fish 894 Returns 156 Rod average 5.1
      Another fantastic week at Grafham with our ranger team struggling to remember a better seven days of fishing. A number of our anglers told us they had over thirty fish in one session. Fishermen of all abilities have been enjoying fantastic sport here, maintaining Grafham’s reputation as a premier venue.

      For those who favour the dry fly there has been no better time than now, with countless reports of good fish being taken all the way from Savages along Hill Farm and the Stumps. The water being warm has created a lot of weed along these stretches, the best method being a slow drift pulling back hoppers or big reds over the top of the weed, this can be frustrating fishing as if you’re not careful you will snag the weed, but if you keep it up you will find that the fish are feeding in amongst the weed and will rise to the fly. This being the case anglers have been enjoying some wonderful sight fishing. The Seat and Gaynes Cove have also been producing high quality fish with impressive tails that fight like demons when hooked.

      Bank fishing has seen some great results, with one angler finishing the week with 56 fish. The dam wall has been producing along with Plummers and the Harbour Arms, if you struggle with the dries revert to a washing line using something small like a hares ear.

      Beginners Courses: 31 July; 9,15,21 & 29 August; 13,18 & 24 September and other dates throughout the season. Please call lodge on 01480 810531.

      Pitsford Water
      Fish 430 (Season 4,361) Returns 49 (647) Rod average 8.7 (6.7)
      It has been a great week on Pitsford with a rod average of an incredible 8.7 for the week. There have been some great catches when the conditions and tactics have been right. One of our regular anglers had a fantastic day beginning on dries and then switching to washing line tactics in the main basin she boated 32 fish.

      Gavin and Graham two of our season ticket holders fished small fabs on washing line tactics with red holo diawl bachs to take 50 fish between them. Boat anglers are now out fishing the bank with lots of fish across the main basin in open water.

      Dries such as crippled midge, big red and shuttlecock cdc’s are working while small fabs and boobies teamed with nymphs such as muskins, diawl bachs and nemo crunchers are working.

      Fish are being caught from the bank but mainly early and late in the day. During these times dries will work and especially in the evenings small sedge patterns will catch.

      Best Rainbow: 4lb 8oz.

      Beginners Courses: 25 July; 2,8,14,23 & 28 August; 10 & 19 September and other dates throughout the season. Please call 01780 686441.

      Ravensthorpe Water
      Fish 277 (Season 2,669) Returns 69 (330) Rod average 4.6 (8.0)
      Ravensthorpe continues to fish well due to good water levels, consistent water temperature and very little algae making conditions favourable for great sport.

      The fishing is still best in the top foot of water with fish rising freely throughout the day and coming readily to the dry fly. In a moderate breeze deer hair sedge or daddy long leg patterns in size 10 have been effective. In a light wind scale down to size 12 or 14 in crippled midge, klinkhammer, Bob’s bits, Shipmans, cdc shuttlecock. Remember to degrease your leader and present the flies in the surface film for more solid hook ups.

      The majority of the fish being caught are in the region of three to four pounds and have grown on well. This is one major benefit of the lockdown and through maintaining our stocking the fish have been able to settle in to the water and feed naturally, steadily gaining weight and condition. All of this makes for hard fighting fish so please take time to revive the fish properly before releasing.

      Boat anglers have caught fish throughout the week and those who struggled with flies found that fabs or small boobies coupled with crunchers on the cast soon got them in to the fish.

      On Sunday Ravensthorpe hosted the Mick Griffin Ravensthorpe challenge. Anglers enjoyed good sport throughout the morning employing various methods to tempt the fish. The best four fish weighed 11lb, followed by four at 10b 7oz and four at 10lb 6oz.

      Bank fishing at Ravensthorpe is still very much worth a go. Don’t be put off by the aquatic plant growth. Fish are drawn to the beds of Canadian waterweed because of the abundance of food it contains and can be caught close in as long as dry fly or washing line methods are employed and when hooking fish you keep them high in the water.

      Best Rainbow: 7lb.

      Best boat areas: Coton End but also margins from Mongers to Tall Willows.

      Best Bank areas: Platforms four to twelve.

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