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      Week ending 1 September 2019

      • Top match action from Rutland Water including England Ladies National; 4 man team event and the final of the Rutland Tuesday Night Boat League

      • Grafham Water hosts local ‘derby match’ between
      GWFFA and Rutland Water Fly Fishers for the John Maitland Trophy

      Rutland Water 01780 686441; Grafham Water 01480 810531;
      Pitsford, Ravensthorpe & Hollowell 01604 781350,
      Taverham Mills Fishery 01603 861014; Alton Water 01473 589105
      Recreation Dept Anglian Water 01572 653021

      Rutland Water
      Fish 1,197 (Season 26,307) Returns 187 (5,426) Rod average 2.8 (4.84)
      Sport was initially slow at the start of the week due to the very still, hot conditions. From Thursday onwards sport picked up. Boat anglers are faring best down the South Arm, Browns Island, Gibbetts, Yellowstones, and New Zealand Point, with good numbers of fish also out in the open water there.

      Sean Hanlon reported 12 fish last Friday from these areas with a combination of lures and nymphs with a lot of fish taking the nymphs virtually static.

      Al Owen fished with Hilary Tomlinson who was practicing for the England Ladies National on Sunday. Al managed seven fish on the day fishing International rules flies. Ziggy Lesiakowski managed 8 fish on Saturday using rudder tactics, again in the South arm.

      There aren’t many bank anglers fishing at the moment. However, experienced angler and instructor Peter Hartley took three beginners to New Zealand Point to fish from the bank and showed them how to do it with a nice 3lb Rainbow.

      Tuesday Night Boat League
      Richard Cooper won the 2019 boat league amassing 62 fish across 16 weeks and winning a £50 tackle voucher.
      1st Richard Cooper 69 points
      2nd Chris Evans and Vince Sparrow both with 58 points
      3rd Keith Jones 57 points
      Four man team match
      This popular match was fished on Saturday 31 August with 28 anglers catching 75 fish for a rod average of 2.68.
      Team Costa consisting of Ben Race, Andrew Scott, Matt Nuttall and Richard Cooper took victory. Ranger Nigel Savage presented the winners with the shield. Richard Cooper took the biggest fish of the match with a 3lb 14oz Brown topping off an excellent week as he also took this year’s Tuesday Night Boat league title. Top individual in the four man team match was Mark Haycock with a very well earned 7 fish for 14lb 12.6 oz.

      Team results
      1st Team Costa 15 fish for 36lb 12.3oz
      2nd Draycote Rio Masters 15 fish for 34lb 11.6oz
      3rd Invicta Gold 12 fish for 28lb 12.1oz
      4th Police 9 fish for 20lb 15.6oz
      5th Elinor 9 fish for 20lb 6.8oz
      6th Peregrine FF 7 fish for 17lb 10.9oz
      7th Invicta Platinum 7 fish for 13lb 1oz

      England Ladies National 1 September
      16 anglers fished the England Ladies National; congratulations to Sam Edmunds who took the national title.
      1st Sam Edmunds 5 fish for 9lb 11oz
      2nd Sheena Goode 4 fish for 8lb 15oz
      3rd Sue Potts 4 fish for 7lb 11oz
      4th Heather Lamacraft 4 fish for 6lb 14oz
      5th Maggie Curtis 3 fish for 6lb 9oz
      6th Hilary Tomlinson 3 fish for 6lb 6oz
      7th Rosemary Gunn 2 fish for 5lb 1oz
      8th Eileen Chatwin 2 fish for 4lb 9oz

      Please book boats in advance as demand is high. From 5-13 September our boat numbers will be reduced to 48 as some of our fleet heads to Grafham; we are also hosting a number of matches.

      With the days shortening and cooler temperatures, fishing will benefit and prospects look very good. An additional 2,000 fish were stocked last week bringing the season’s total to 60,050.

      Lure fishing at Rutland commenced on 1 September (continues to 30 September).

      Best boat areas: Bottom of the South Arm. New Zealand Point, Yellowstones, fishing lodge frontage.

      Best bank areas: New Zealand Point to Sailing Club, Carrot Creek to Barnhill Creek.

      Mid week boat winner: Chris McCully of Rowhedge.

      Fish stocked: 2,000.

      Forthcoming events
      Anglian Water Rudder Match 14 September.
      WaterAid competition 19 September
      Anglian Water Airflo International Final 7-9 October
      Anglian Water Autumn Pairs Rudder & non rudder 12 October
      Beginners courses: 8,14,22 & 24 September; 4,13,18 & 26 October and throughout the season.
      Boat handling courses: 16,21 & 30 October and throughout the season.

      Grafham Water
      Fish 337 (Season 11,119) Returns 108 (2,570) Rod average 3.1(4.37)
      This week’s weather did take an unfortunate turn following the previous week’s fantastic catch results with a strong wind and high temperatures discolouring the water. However, as always the water came through and justified its place as the home of reservoir trout fishing.

      Many anglers enjoyed some good sport, particularly from the boats, adapting to the weather and searching for the areas with clearer water. There were many good catches using lures such as humungus, as well as snakes. These flies were not needed to be moved fast and have accounted for a number of browns over 5lb by the Willows and ahead of the Dam.

      Last week’s stocking made a big impact for those happy to catch stockies, particularly as the week went on, with the change of wind direction allowing the water clarity to vastly improve sport, from both the bank and boat. One angler in particular had a great week with his return recording 25 fish, 16 of which were returned safely to the water to grow on and fight another day.

      Everyone at Grafham is looking forward to this coming weekend as we will be hosting the Scierra Pairs match and we wish all the competitors well and good luck

      Predator anglers had eagerly anticipated 1 September and the morning dawned with perfect conditions and some sleepy eyes! The many expectant and restless anglers finally had their chance to set off for the first day of their season. You could feel the excitement and anticipation in the chilly early morning breeze.

      The Polish Angling Club had 50 anglers in 25 boats competing for their annual predator match, targeting mainly our fantastic zander and plentiful perch. Every boat caught and a large number of decent sized predators were brought to the boat and released in good condition.

      A few good pike were caught breaking the magical 20lb mark. Let’s hope that this good sport and care for the fish continues well into the season. The changing weather brings the inevitable, yet irresistible autumnal feel of this wonderful season. And our determined anglers are ready to face the challenge it brings.

      As ever we are here to help so please let us know if you have any questions regarding the fishing at Grafham Water.

      Competition news

      The John Maitland Trophy Sunday 1st September 2019
      Grafham Water hosted the annual GWFFA vs RWFF match on Sunday 1 September.
      Martin Brocklebank kindly sent the following report.
      “This is the annual fishing match between Grafham Water Fly Fishers Association (GWFFA) and Rutland Water Fly Fishers (RWFF) in memory of John Maitland from Rutland. 24 anglers fished the event at Grafham Water. Despite a bright and breezy day a total of 86 fish were caught with a rod average of about 4. There were some tidy bags of fish. Chris McLeod (RW) and Roger Hurren (GW) caught well drifting from the seat towards G buoy using blobs, fabs and nymphs. The fish were in the top two feet of water. Mark Brinkman also caught well drifting from R buoy to Hedge End using similar tactics. Some anglers opted for quieter waters along the West shore and caught some quality fish that contained buzzer, shrimp, hog lice and lots of water boatmen (Corixa). One of the fish, a superb brown trout of 5lb 14oz was caught on a shrimp by Martin Brocklebank. A presentation meal was held at the fishing lodge. “
      1st Team RWFF 44 fish for 98lb 8oz
      2nd Team GWFFA 42 fish for 93lb 3oz

      1st Mark Brinkman 7 fish for 16lb 0oz
      2nd Chris McLeod 8 fish for 15lb 15oz
      3rd Roger Hurren 8 fish for 14lb 14oz
      Best fish 5lb 14oz brown trout caught by Martin Brocklebank

      Fish stocked: 2,000.

      Forthcoming events
      Scierra Pairs final 7-8 September
      England Youth Flyfishing National Championship 15 September.
      Grafham Water Championship 21 September
      Beginners courses: 15,20 & 25 September and other dates throughout the season.
      Boat handling courses: 14,22 & 29 October; 5 November.

      Pitsford Water
      Fish 169 (Season 12,363) Returns 42 (2,263) Rod average 4.0 (5.5)
      Pitsford Water has fished steadily this week with a rod average of 4.

      Bank anglers are catching on shrimp or corixa patterns with the boats getting fish on diawl bach and crunchers. Gravel Bank, Sermons and Grange Farm Creek are producing good quality fish to shrimp imitations with fish stuffed full of the naturals.

      The main bowl and the Narrows are now producing for the boat anglers with floating or midge tip lines best fishing flies high in the water with a booby or FAB on the point.

      The biggest Brown of the week was a 7lb specimen that fell to a Perch fry pattern fished by Philip Jordan. Phil also had Rainbows up to 4lb on the fry pattern fishing it on a Di3. There have been several other Browns around the 4lb mark reportedly caught and released.

      There are plenty of Rainbows in the 3-4lb bracket being caught, with the fish being in top condition.
      Cooling weather conditions should make the fishing really come alive over the coming week.

      Best Rainbow: 4lb taken by Phil Jordan.

      Best Brown: 7lb taken by Phil Jordan.

      Mid week boat winner: Mr A Farm of Tilton on the Hill.

      Forthcoming events
      Beginners courses: 6,11 & 21 September; 5 & 11 October and other dates throughout the season.
      Boat handling courses: 15,23 & 28 October & 6 November.
      Mid Northants Trout Fishers Association
      Hosts monthly open sessions for beginners at Pitsford where fully trained instructors are on hand to offer advice on fly casting, fly tying and water craft. Non members welcome. All sessions are 2-5pm
      7 September and 5 October.
      Charity match in aid of Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis 22 September Contact Charlie Watts on 07854173232 for more information.

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