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    Just a quick thread to see if we are having our annual flanders bash in January, Just asking in advance as I need to book hotel this year 🙂

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    where would the flounder bash be??

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    Ah, well it usually goes like this. One weekend in January you just go out to your local flounder spot and catch as many or as big a flounder as you can. The you email the detail with any pics to Ada who normally co-ordinates it all then the person who catches the biggest (by length, catch and release friendly) and the person who catches the most both get a certificate. Ada named it “The Great Nation Flounder Hunt”.~clap

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    ah your on mate 😛

    il be well up for it got a couple of marks which spring to mind

    where is HA nowdays anyway has he left us

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    he has been banned!

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    Simply because he has been telling the truth!

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