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    hey i am new to sea fishing and was told the clifs were a good spot but dont know whare about. I was told there was a hole in the rock’s and i would get onto the flat but cant see any hole. Any help???

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    Have a look all along the cliffs through to Carlingheugh bay. You’ll see loads of paths down to the edges, some are safer than others. Watch out for onshore wind/wave action as the waves can come well up the rocks, but there are a few comfortable places for fishing. Tends to fish better after a good blow, but moving about can help. Also try using peeler crab and you should find a few codling, though will be better later in the year. If you want some decent catches try a day out on the boats from the harbour, can be a bit more reliable at the moment.

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    thanx have thought about going on the boats i will try it some time. thanx agean

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